Whitby's last high street bank set to go as Halifax announces branch closures

The last bank left on Whitby’s high street is set to close.
Whitby branch of Halifax bank is due to close in January 2025.Whitby branch of Halifax bank is due to close in January 2025.
Whitby branch of Halifax bank is due to close in January 2025.

The branch on Baxtergate is due to close on January 14, 2025, and is one of 98 national Halifax closures.

It is another huge blow for bankers in Whitby, following the recent closure of the town’s Barclays, also on Baxtergate.

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Over the past few years, the town has also lost HSBC, Virgin Money (previously Yorkshire Bank), Natwest and Lloyds TSB.

On its reasons for the closure, the bank states: “Most customers are now using our mobile app, internet banking or calling us instead, which means they are using branches, including the Whitby branch much less.

"This means we'll be closing Whitby branch.”

The Halifax cash machine on Baxtergate will also be closed.

Whitby people took to social media last night to express their outrage over the news.

"I can’t believe this!” fumed one.

"Every time I go in there is huge queue, thus pointing out there is still huge demand for face to face service within the bank.”

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Another raised a query: “So how will closing the branch office help the confused elderly person that needed the help of the cashier this morning to access their money from the cash machine?"

Another said the closure was “very sad news indeed" and added: “Not everyone can safely use online banking and not everyone wants to lose the ability to use cash.

"It is always busy and the staff are truly wonderful and very helpful.

"I don't know what my mum will do now. She will be devastated.”

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Another commenter said: “They make you laugh – all the banks kept telling us to go online to do certain things whenever you went in the branches.

"Then they say we are not using the banks.”

One person said closing banks would make it harder to get cash.

"Not many cash points also but the post office are saying they've seen a rise in people getting cash but that's not what the government want to hear,” they added.

Scarborough and Redcar will be the two nearest branches of the Halifax.

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LINK, the UK’s cash access and ATM network, has confirmed that Whitby will benefit from a new banking hub as part of a wider commitment to protect access to cash.

Banking hubs are a shared banking space, similar to a traditional bank branch, but available to everyone.

The hub will consist of a counter service operated by Post Office employees, where customers of any bank can withdraw and deposit cash, make bill payments and carry out regular banking transactions.

The hub will be delivered by Cash Access UK.

Over the next few weeks, it will begin to engage with the community and start looking for potential sites.

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Nick Quin, Head of Financial Inclusion, LINK: “We are pleased to be able to recommend a new banking hub for the local community.

"Access to cash and basic banking are still vital for millions of people across the UK and the new hub will secure these services for residents in Whitby.”