Seeds of knowledge enjoyed by Kirkgate House residents thanks to science activity

Residents at a Bridlington learning disability care home have been enjoying participating in an exciting new science-based activity.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 2:29 pm
Residents at Kirkgate House take part in the science-based activity.
Residents at Kirkgate House take part in the science-based activity.

Residents at Kirkgate House have been participating in the fun project which has proven to be a great way to introduce residents to a science technology, engineering and maths (STEM ) subject.

Kirkgate House has teamed up with a local company called Plantlet Culture to allow its residents to take part in the fun project that is usually part of mainstream education.

A spokesperson said: “Richard from Plantlet Culture led the activity with a group from the home and the residents had tremendous fun taking part.

The residents enjoyed the fun project growing a plant in a test tube.

“The activity allowed the residents to each grow a plant inside a test tube, while learning about what plants need to be able to grow.

“In each test tube was a brightly colored gel that contains all the nutrients necessary to grow a happy, healthy plant.

“The test tubes have growth scales on the side so that the residents could monitor the growth of their plants.

“Once the plant has been planted out, the test tube can then be repurposed and used for a variety of fun new science projects from creating a mini lava lamp to using it as a rain gauge.

“At the end of the class residents and staff thanked Richard for his time and promised to keep him updated on the progress of their plantlets.”

Richard from Plantlet Culture undertakes voluntary work as a ambassador, going into schools and educating children in the STEM subjects.