Exam joy athospital

A SCARBOROUGH Hospital staff member has set a new “first” at the trust by gaining a specific type of external qualification.

Saturday, 1st October 2011, 12:55 pm

Liz Hargreaves, who works in the hospital’s cardio respiratory department as a senior cardiographer, has passed the “certificate of electrocardiography” exam.

It is the first time the qualification, from The Society for Cardiological Science and Technology, has been obtained within the trust at Liz’s grade. It will enable her to record and interpret analysed recordings normally only done by degree students or qualified physiologists.

An electrocardiogram (often abbreviated to EKG or ECG) measures the electrical activity of the heart and can be used to diagnose a range of heart conditions.

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The process of taking an ECG involves attaching a series of electrodes to the patient’s chest and limbs, and printing a recording on the ECG machine for interpretation.

This qualification will enable Liz to not only take the ECG but analyse and interpret the results, which she will then present to the cardiologists.

Stephanie Walker, manager of the cardio respiratory department, said: “The success of Liz will now allow her to analyse recordings normally only done by degree students or qualified staff.”

Liz, who has worked at Scarborough Hospital for many years said: “I would just like to add a huge thank you, not only to my family, but to my friends and colleagues at work for their support, and in particular, Liz Bell, my mentor, whose patience, support and wealth of information I am indebted to.”