Loftus optician shares the secret of blocking blue light

A Loftus optician has revealed the secret to blocking damaging high energy violet light (HEV) from digital devices such as mobile phones and computer screens.

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Wednesday, 24th February 2021, 4:47 pm
Many eye diseases are thought to be caused by oxidative stress caused by visible light.

John Prouse, who runs Loftus Optical in Zetland Road, has opened up about the benefits of Japanese optical lens company Tokai for preventing the harmful rays from damaging your eyes.

Tokai, which has been trading since 1939, is known for its high-quality varifocal lenses and also for making the thinnest lenses in the world.

“In Europe not many opticians know about them – in the UK I have learnt they are a closely guarded secret amongst independent opticians, with only around a dozen practices in the whole country using them and not wanting to tell others because they don’t want the competition knowing they exist!” he explains.

“Many eye diseases are thought to be caused by oxidative stress caused by visible light, but there is no hiding from light unless you live in a cave all your life.

“This stress reduces the amount of a special pigment in the eye called lutein.”

This naturally occurring pigment helps to absorb damaging UV light or more specifically high energy violet light (HEV) from the sun and from digital devices such as iPads and mobile phones.

“As our eyes can’t restore the amount of lutein, it’s important we preserve the amount we have,” he added.

Tokai’s Lutina lens is the only lens in the world that blocks out 94 per cent of this harmful light; many lens companies offer a blue light coating which can only reduce the amount of HEV light by around 15 per cent.

“This is still better than nothing,” add John, “but if you wear glasses, there is no reason whatsoever not to have the new Japanese Lutina lens.

“And there’s one more thing: these lenses, as well as protecting your eyes from the high energy violet light, are also great for driving because they cut down the glare compared to even anti-glare lenses.

“I obviously got a pair for myself and they are amazing! But the proof is in the pudding so do try them yourself – if they don’t do what I say, I’ll eat my hat (and give you a courteous refund).”

The only downside? The lenses are manufactured in Japan and take around three weeks to arrive once ordered.

If you want to find out more about Tokai lenses, call one of the friendly team at Loftus Optical on 01287 644211 to arrange a live demonstration of the lenses in action at the practice.