NHS Foundation Trust's annual meeting open to all - here's how you can join

Every year, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust opens its doors to the public to share what the Trust has achieved that year at their Annual Members Meeting (AMM).
You can join in the annual members' meeting onlineYou can join in the annual members' meeting online
You can join in the annual members' meeting online

This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Trust will be hosting their event virtually for the first time, and it’s open to the public.

Chief Executive, Michele Moran, along with other members of the executive team, will talk to the audience about highlights from 2019/20, how they’ve performed against their key targets, and future challenges that lie ahead.

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The AMM gives local people the chance to discover what one of their local NHS Trusts has been doing in recent times.

It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know Humber’s leadership team and hear about the experiences members of NHS staff face when delivering their multidisciplinary services.

Michele Moran, Chief Executive, said: “The AMM is a wonderful opportunity, not only to hear about our performance and targets, but also to get to know us as a Trust.

"We’re very open to sharing our experiences and we hope that you will join us, to understand better how we operate and strive to offer the highest standards of care across our patch from Willerby to Whitby.”

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The meeting is set to take place on Thursday September 17 from 2.30pm until 3.10pm.

To join the event, you can watch it live on Humber’s YouTube Channel or through video conferencing on Microsoft Teams.

Click on your preferred option at the time to join.