The Health column with Helen Phillips: There are many reasons to take Veganuary pledge

Planetwise is there to support people as they sign up for Veganuary.Planetwise is there to support people as they sign up for Veganuary.
Planetwise is there to support people as they sign up for Veganuary.
Are you considering joining more than 600,000 people by going vegan for the 31 days of January? If so, Planetwise, on Prospect Street in Bridlington, is here to support you.

With a fully vegan store and knowledgeable staff, you can sign up in confidence.

In doing so you’ll be joining more than 1.5 million people who have taken the pledge since it started in 2014.

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There are many reasons why people make the Veganuary pledge: Sustainability for one has become increasingly important over the years and the impacts of animal agriculture on our environment are severe.

Helen Phillips of Planetwise.Helen Phillips of Planetwise.
Helen Phillips of Planetwise.

Demand for meat/animal products has quintupled over the last 50 years and many people realise that this is unsustainable.

Veganuary is a great opportunity to try new recipes and plant-based alternatives to traditional meat and dairy products.

The welfare of fish and farmed animals is also a concern, with 46% of 2021 participants citing this as their main motivation for signing up.

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With so many alternatives to animal-based products available, some people are questioning their dietary choices.

Veganism isn’t simply about the food; it’s about kinder alternatives, such as choosing cruelty-free household and beauty items, as well as products that are free from palm oil and pesticides.

Some choose to take the pledge for their health: there are endless health benefits to animal-free eating, such as weight-loss, clearer skin, lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure, as well as a reduced risk of type-2 diabetes.

Many athletes have turned to a plant-based diet to enhance their health, performance and recovery.

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Lewis Hamilton and Venus Williams are just two examples of celebrities that have reported improvements since turning vegan.

In 2021 more than 50% of all Veganuary participants saw some improvements to their health.

If you choose to take the pledge, Planetwise would love to assist you.

Their wide range of products to enable you to get through the month without checking labels and ensuring you never feel like you’re missing out.

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Veganuary is a great way to start the New Year: helping the planet and animals whilst getting health benefits in return. Many of us at Planetwise are Vegan, so we’re here to answer any questions you might have and to help and support you through the month and hopefully beyond.

If you’d like to sign up for Veganuary 2022 then you can sign up at

Who knows, it could be the start to a whole new, healthier life!

You can also follow Planetwise on social media for daily support to help you through the month.

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