Beer Day Britain: Where in Britain you pay the most - and least - for a pint

Ahead of Beer Day Britain on Saturday June 15 personal loan provider, Hitachi Personal Finance, has polled the UK to find out how much people would expect to fork out on a pint of lager, or a craft beer.

By Sue Wilkinson
Thursday, 13th June 2019, 11:58 am
Where you will pay the most and least for a pint
Where you will pay the most and least for a pint

Those in Yorkshire were revealed as having the tightest purse strings when it came to enjoying a pint from the local, and expect to spend just £3.17 on average. When it comes to craft beer however, the South West spends just £4.01 on craft beer - the lowest in the UK.

The research found that those living in Northern Ireland expect to pay the most for a standard pint at £5.22. When it comes to craft beer however, Londoners are the ones who expect to pay the most, at £6.57 per pint.

The top ten regions where residents expect to spend the most on a pint of lager, are:

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1 Northern Ireland - £5.22

2 London - £5.16

3 North East - £4.92

4 South East - £3.80

5 East/East Anglia - £3.66

6 North West - £3.63

7 West Midlands - £3.55

8 East Midlands £3.43

9 Wales - £3.42

10 South West - £3.41

Turning to traditionally more expensive luxuries, such as phone contracts, the UK expects to spend an average of £19.84, with the highest spenders unsurprisingly residing in London, spending £24.62 on average. When it comes to those looking for the cheaper mobile phone contract deals, the people of the East Midlands expect to spend an average of £17.64, which works out as £26.40 less spent on mobile contracts each year, compared to the national average.

When it comes to taking a trip to the cinema to watch a new movie, the UK expects to pay an average of £11.04. The lowest spenders live in the South West, as they expect to pay under a tenner, at £9.49. The highest spenders however, are those in Northern Ireland, spending £12.72 on average.

Vincent Reboul, Managing Director at Hitachi Personal Finance, commented: “When catching up with friends from different corners of the UK, talking about how expensive London is, is as easy as addressing the weather. London proves to remain one of the most expensive areas to live in, and with 43% of London residents saying they’d expect to spend £14 on a single portion of fish and chips, it’s no surprise it has such a reputation.

“The data shows us that although those from London still expect to fork out the most, it’s not only those in the north that expect to pay the least, as the usual stereotype suggests. Southern regions such as the South West expecting to pay less for some items than anywhere else in the country, with over half (57%) of its residents saying they expect to spend just £2 on a pint of lager, breaking the stereotype of the north being the cheapest area for everything.”

To find out where your area ranks on Hitachi Personal Finance’s regional spending map, visit the map here: