One of the most universally loved things about Christmas must be the delicious food. People are spending less time in the kitchen due to busy lives but be sure to take some time out to enjoy making things. There is nothing more festive than getting together and making a traditional homemade dessert for after dinner. Think mince pies, Christmas cakes and a boozy Christmas pudding.

TAKE a look: nine Christmas traditions you can make yourselves on the cheap - and still be the envy of your friends

Brits looking for festive fun on a budget are being offered traditional Christmas pastimes with a modern twist.

By Sue Wilkinson
Monday, 13th December 2021, 3:57 pm

Festive experts from are encouraging Brits to look back at nostalgic traditions, crafts, and activities.

These Christmas activities might take you back a bit but are still just as fun to enjoy in today’s smartphone society.

Suggestions include making your own Christmas desserts, sprucing up candles with cinnamon, making decorations for the tree and personalised snow globes.

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