Favourite Things: Anne Morley

Born and raised near Middlesbrough, Anne Morley went into a teaching career, and met husband John at an NUT meeting at Scarborough library. She taught at Brompton Hall and Woodlands schools, and joined the Learning Support Department at the Tech '“ later Yorkshire Coast College. They have three children and five grandchildren, and have travelled extensively. They are involved with various charities, including St John Ambulance and the Rainbow Centre, and Anne is a member of the Writers' Circle. She had her first book, Curiosities from Scarborough's Children's Charities, published last year; in it she researches the Amicable Society, the Scarborough United Scholarships Foundation and the John Kendall Trust.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 1:30 pm
Anne Morley

There are many reasons why St Mary’s Church is top of my list of favourite things. This is where I worship and the view across the South Bay is breathtaking, whatever the weather. Entering the building you feel wrapped in the prayers of over 800 years of worship, you are bathed in light from the stained glass windows depicting the Christian story and, although you are conscious of its turbulent history (the original chancel was demolished in the Civil Wars) you also know you are in a vital part of today’s society.

If we go down Castle Road we find the Rainbow Centre, started by this church to demonstrate God’s love for our neighbours.

It is as much needed today as it was when it opened 20 years ago to reach out to people who, for whatever reason, have fallen on hard times. It is a great testament to the churches and the people of Scarborough who continue to support around 90 people a day who cross its doors seeking help.

View from Oliver's Mount

Brompton by Sawdon is a picturesque village with endless walks through rich countryside. In the mid-sixties I taught at Brompton Hall, then a boarding school for pupils with learning difficulties. We would take the children up the Dale, round Sawdon, down the Dolly Walk or to Wydale.

Not everyone can say they have lived in a mansion once home to the inventor of aviation! Sir George Cayley’s workshop was used to house the gardener’s tools at the time. Each Sunday the children crossed the lawn to attend the church where William Wordsworth was married.

The Women’s Institute and St John Ambulance are among my favourite things. A WI visit to Foulbridge Farm near Snainton linked both – restoration of some farm cottages revealed a 13th century hospital run by the Knights Templar to treat wounded soldiers returning from the Crusades. My husband, John, was honoured for his work with St John so I now have my very own Knight in Shining


St Marys Church.

Who could resist a ride on the North Bay Miniature Railway? In February our two-year-old grandson provided the best excuse to relive a childhood memory from my first visit to Scarborough around 1952.

Over the years our three children and all five grandchildren have also screamed through the tunnel but now we include the wonders of the Sea Life Centre on these outings.

We have been involved with the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and helped run the National Conference which came to Scarborough over Easter every three years. It was held in the glorious surroundings of the Spa and at the time we used the Grand Hotel, the Olympia, the Futurist, the Royal Hotel, Holbeck Hall and the Corner Café – alas some of these no longer exist.

Whenever we have visitors new to Scarborough we take them to Oliver’s on the Mount. Why? Because the food is delicious and the view spectacular, mapping out our historic past and offering opportunities for the future. In his guide of 1864 Solomon Wilkinson Theakston wrote of Oliver’s Mount: ‘Here is a magnificent view of the coast, the castle, and the ocean, bounded only by the horizon to the east; and in the west, the extensive moors, the wolds, and the rich and cultivated vales’.

All Saints' Church, Brompton. Picture: Rod Smith

What more could anyone want?

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North Bay Railway
Painting of the Rainbow Centre, by Malcolm McDonald, which was presented to Anne.