Gardening tips - six alternatives to traditional plant pots

A tea pot makes an excellent replacement for a planterA tea pot makes an excellent replacement for a planter
A tea pot makes an excellent replacement for a planter
Sinks, teapots and plastic bottles have been named among six of the best alternatives to traditional plant pots.

Gardening experts have compiled a guide for green-fingered Brits on how to up-cycle household objects into the perfect home for plants.

Gardeners have been told to look for old or unused objects in their homes and use them to plant a range of flowers and small shrubs, instead of breaking the bank on pricey containers.

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Suggestions include using plastic bottles to create a wall farm and swapping out baskets for colanders.

A spokesperson for explained: “Planting containers are sometimes an unnecessary expense as Brits can look at home first before splashing the cash.

Six Alternatives to Traditional Plant Pots

1. Colanders

Already complete with drainage holes and boasting incredible durability, these look great when hung and can be used instead of traditional baskets. Without good drainage, soil can become waterlogged resulting in the plants dying. Place a layer of gravel in the bottom to stop compost jamming up drainage holes.

2. Tin cans

With a lick of paint, a simple baked beans tin is a brilliant option for smaller flowers on the windowsill. Fill with rocks at the bottoms of the tin before placing soil over which improves drainage. Small cacti are a great low maintenance option too due to their drought resistant qualities.

3. Teapots

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This can be multi-purpose, used as either a watering can or a planter. Sustainability at its finest. Consider even adding to this by using old teacups and saucers as well, making a tea set for the garden and placing it on an outdoor table for an incredibly unique touch.

4. Muffin tins

For seedlings where only a small area of soil is needed, this is perfect for children as the different sections offers the opportunity to plant a wide variety of different species. Cress is a popular choice for children due to its fast and easy growing properties.

5. Sinks

Those looking for maximum impact should consider using an old sink as a planter. With plenty of space and depth, the planting opportunities are endless.

6. Plastics

Instead of throwing away plastic bottles, cut a couple of holes at the bottom and you have a great container for greenery. A wall farm against a window is great for those with limited space and can be achieved quickly with only a couple of tools.

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