Best plants for each room

Achieving an Instagram-worthy home is now even easier as the perfect house plants for each room have been revealed.

By Sue Wilkinson
Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 9:56 am
Try growing jasmine in the bedroom
Try growing jasmine in the bedroom

Plant specialists at have compiled a guide on which plants to place in each room of the house, depending on their needs and requirements.

Introducing plants to the home can reduce stress and promote overall wellbeing, whilst also helping to purify the air.

Plants will thrive in conditions most suited to their natural environment, therefore it’s best to do research beforehand.

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Shade loving plants will flourish in the bathroom, whilst those which require a large amount of space to grow should be placed in the living room.

Chris Bonnett from commented: “Plants are no longer reserved for the outdoors – they are a welcome addition to any home.

“Whilst also being a great decorative feature, greenery is brilliant for purifying the air, and can help stimulate better sleep and relaxation.

“Instead of using chemical air fresheners consider a more natural approach, which is healthier and cheaper in the long term.”

Here is ’s guide for the best plants for each room:

1. Living room:

Often the largest room in the house and the central hub, where majority of time is spent. Consider placing one large plant which will become a focal point for the room accompanied by smaller plants dotted around to continue the greenery theme.

The Ficus Alii houseplant offers all the visual impact but without the high maintenance, and is a perfect pairing with ivy trailing from bookshelves.

2. Bedroom:

The sanctuary of the bedroom is best suited to plants with calming and soothing scents, which in turn promotes a better quality of sleep and allows full relaxation.

Plants with high levels of purifying qualities such as Spider plants or soothing scents such as Jasmine are perfect.

3. Kitchen:

The heat of the kitchen may be overwhelming for some species of houseplants however this doesn’t mean that the heart of the home should remain sparse of any shrubs. Cacti and succulents are perfect additions to warmer environments with direct sunlight, whilst needing little-to-no-watering.

4. Bathroom:

The usually dark and humid conditions of the bathroom isn’t great for many plants, however some – like the Peace Lily - will prosper in these conditions. The Peace Lily displays cream sail-like flowers in low light, beautifully contrasting with glossy green leaves.

This plant is also great for amateur gardeners as it will droop when watering is needed.

5. Hallways:

The draughty properties of the hallway mean the area is often overlooked, so when adding plants take this into consideration. Choose drought tolerant plants which can survive a little neglect, such as the Jade plant which thrives with little light and water.