These are eight of the most romantic plants you can give for Valentine's Day

Romantic gardeners and plant lovers have been given advice on the most passionate plants to buy for Valentine’s Day.

By Sue Wilkinson
Thursday, 13th February 2020, 1:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th February 2020, 1:07 pm
Cherry tree
Cherry tree

The gardening experts at have researched the most romantic plants to gift with some interesting finds.

Traditional roses make an appearance alongside more unusual plants like the Hoya Heart which is just one heart shaped leaf.

Others include beautiful moth orchids, heart ferns and a colourful cherry tree for all year-round outdoor interest.

A spokesperson for said: “Traditionally people give cut flowers for Valentine’s Day, but by buying a houseplant or an outdoor plant, you’re gifting something that will give enjoyment all year round.

“There are some gorgeous choices, from traditional roses and orchids to the more unusual ferns and succulents.

“Whatever you choose, it’ll be a gift your loved one adores and will be able to enjoy for many years to come.”

Here is’s guide to the most romantic plants:

1. Anthurium

A true symbol of love, the leaves and flowers on this beautiful plant are heart shaped. With proper care, this plant can last for years and the flowers for months if they’re well looked after. Trying growing in a bright sunny spot indoors.

2. Moth Orchid

Moth Orchids are an elegant choice to show someone how much you care. The flowers are long lasting – up to three months – and are fairly easy to look after. They like humidity so keep them in the kitchen or bathroom. Only water your orchid if the roots have turned silvery grey. If they’re green, then no need to water.

3. Bleeding Heart

These are a lovely plant to place into beds and borders with their long arching stems and delicate heart shaped flowers in pink and white. They love a shady spot, under a tree but will also grow in a sunny position as long as they’re well-watered.

4. Heart Ferns

This beautiful dwarf plant is exactly what you think – a fern with glossy heart shaped leaves. Put it in a gorgeous pot and you have a plant to be proud of.

5. Hoya Hearts

Hoya hearts are small, perfectly formed and practically indestructible succulents as long as you don’t overwater. These plants very rarely grow so you will have just that one original heart shaped leaf.

6. Rose

There is nothing more romantic than the traditional rose, whether that’s a cut flower or a plant. If you opt for a rose bush, they can last in your garden for years and are easy to establish. Just remember to fertilise well and cut back any dead or damaged growth at the end of the growing season.

7. Cherry Tree

Planting a tree for Valentine’s Day is a permanent reminder of your love. Cherry trees are packed with gorgeous pink blossom during the spring. Some varieties will even produce delicious cherries to eat throughout the summer. Just plant them in a sunny spot and watch them grow.

8. Philodendron Scandens

This trailing plant has beautiful heart shaped leaves which makes it the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to look after too.