Opinion: Achtung! Where's the foe?

Each year we spend a very enjoyable weekend at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Wartime Weekend.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 12:30 pm
German re-enactors stop a passenger to check his ticket during North Yorkshire Moors Railway Wartime Weekend event at Levisham Station.

We have always really enjoyed ourselves because it has always been such a lovely environment, full of history and very respectful of the issues and hardship everyday people suffered.

There is no way you can replicate the fear and worries of life during wartime but it does, for want of a better term, highlight the nicer bits such as fashion and comradeship. Please do not think I am belittling what life must have been like at that time.

Not having the German re-enactors at the event is going to spoil the weekend for me and probably mean we will not visit the weekend. It’s political correctness gone mad. The railway stated its family image needs protecting.

The re-enactment group work extremely hard to make sure the scenarios are accurate and factual. It’s living history delivered in a format that is entertaining and very interesting to anyone who wants to know more about history. If you do not want to know more about the history of wartime why go?

The German re-enactors are not Nazi sympathisers, just normal people with a specific area of history. I totally agree that there should be no political emblems at events such as this.

It seems to me, as usual in this country, we are bowing down to a minority of people who spoil it for the majority.

I think this decision will have undone much of the good publicity the recent TV series on the railway created.

Surely by not having the Germans at the weekend we are displaying racism. Many of the German soldiers in my understanding were just normal people who were called up to fight, like the Allied troops, not political or fanatical tyrants.

What next – no Russian troops due to the current political situation?

The railway is trying to raise huge sums of money and should be doing everything it can to encourage people to visit. I do not think this action is doing that. Obviously there is a lot of work in organising the weekend but without the re-enactors it would be a poor event.