Winter sun: 12 places you should check out

The Canary Islands, Morocco, Turkey and Dubai are just some of the holiday hotspots to head to for warm winter sun.

Bora Bora
Bora Bora

The team of travel experts at have put together their top destinations for Brits searching for warmer climates during the chilly months.

With temperatures in the high teens and low twenties, some parts of Europe including Cyprus and Spain are a good choice for a quick getaway for sunny weather.

But if high temperatures and whitewashed beaches are essential, then the experts recommend islands including Bora Bora and Barbados.

And if travellers don’t mind a long flight, heading to the West coast of Australia is a good bet.

A spokesperson from said: “With the chillier months just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to think about a winter getaway.

“The search for sunshine doesn’t have to mean endless hours on a plane – a short hop to the Canary Islands or Cyprus can produce temperatures warm enough to enjoy some beach time or a nice leisurely stroll.

“If you want to head further afield, why not try South Africa or Cape Verde and for the ultimate in winter sun, treat yourself to five-star luxury on Bora Bora.”

The team at My Baggage have put together their top winter sun destinations:

1. Cyprus

Not boiling hot during the winter but it should be warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt. It’s just over four hours from the UK so ideal for a quick getaway.

2. Canary Islands

Hot all year round and less than four hours away. Perfect for a sunny winter break with temperatures peaking in the low twenties.

3. Dubai

Head to Dubai during November when it’s not quite so humid for the perfect winter getaway. Still hot with temperatures reaching 30oC.

4. Morocco

Marrakech is a good destination for winter sun. Temperatures are in the high teens / low twenties and there’s lots to explore. It may be a little cooler by the coast but still well worth a visit.

5. Brazil

With miles and miles of coastline to explore, lively cities and natural beauty, Brazil makes a great winter escape. Temperatures are likely to be well in the thirties, so pack the sunscreen.

6. Barbados

The dry season in Barbados is December to May with temperatures firmly in the high 20’s. Clear blue skies, beautiful beaches – what’s not to like?

7. Malaga

More of a summer destination for most Brits. But with winter temperatures in the high teens, it’s perfect for getting out and about exploring and with a lot less tourists.

8. California

One of the sunniest states in the US with plenty of sunshine and very little rain. Enjoy a classic road trip to make the most of any getaway.

9. Cape Verde

One of the volcanic islands west of Africa and only a six-hour flight aware. Temperatures can reach 26oC and with beautiful beaches and mountains to explore, there’s plenty to do.

10. South Africa

Beautiful scenery and gorgeous beaches are on offer in South Africa. Temperatures in the low twenties make it the ideal destination for a winter escape.

11. Western Australia

A 20-hour flight from the UK so if you’re heading to Australia, make sure you make the most of the gorgeous uninhabited beaches along the north-west coast. You may even see turtles nesting and explore the coral reefs.

12. Bora Bora

If you’re after luxury, head to Bora Bora or one of the other French Polynesia islands. These are the islands we all dream about – clear, turquoise waters, reefs to explore and the ultimate in five-star luxury.