E.ON reveals top New Year’s resolutions with almost three quarters of Brits pledging to make sustainable changes in 2020

More than 28 million Brits expected to favour eco-friendly resolutions instead of hitting the gym or giving up smokingAlmost one fifth (18%) claim they will definitely make an environmentally friendly New Year’s resolution for 2020

Mounting concern over the climate crisis is expected to cause more than 28 million Brits to make an environmentally friendly New Year’s resolution for 2020, according to new research from E.ON.


The findings reveal that almost three quarters of Brits (72%) say the hard-hitting news headlines and events relating to the climate crisis in 2019 are the reason they’re making an eco-friendly New Year’s resolution.

For example, of those questioned, one in four (25%) say they’re more likely to add environmentally friendly transport choices to their list of resolutions instead of hitting the gym (16%) or giving up smoking (7%). Other eco-friendly commitments include spending more time outdoors (18%) and making more sustainable energy choices (13%).

In a separate poll commissioned earlier this year, 61% of the public said they wanted to power their homes using renewable energy sources. Subsequently E.ON announced it would be providing 3.3 million homes across Britain with electricity backed by 100% renewable sources as standard, at no extra cost.

As part of its response to issues around sustainability, E.ON has also created the ‘Museum of Boiler Arts’ which showcases a series of artworks made from upcycled boilers, creating bird boxes and bug hotels to highlight the problems surrounding heating waste. The museum, created in partnership with London Sculpture Workshop, is on display to members of the public until February 2020 at the Spitalfields City Farm in East London.

These latest research findings from E.ON have shown that as a nation we’re becoming more socially aware of environmental issues, with #MyClimateResolution becoming more prominent on social media, and one fifth (18%) of Brits saying they will definitely be making an environmentally friendly New Year’s resolution for 2020.


E.ON’s Green Guru, Mike Feely, said: “2019 has certainly been a year where the climate crisis is high on the agenda, so it’s really promising to see so many people are responding by pledging to become more eco-friendly as part of their New Year’s resolutions. At E.ON, we’re proud to help lead the charge with a range of solutions that can help people become more sustainable.”

E.ON offers a range of energy efficient and smart home solutions to ensure customers can be as efficient as possible. As well as A-rated, highly efficient Worcester Bosch gas boilers and flexible payment terms for these, E.ON offers smart meters, smart thermostats and solar and battery technology which can all help people better manage their home energy use, and even generate their own power.

And, further to its commitment to help people become more sustainable, E.ON is raising awareness about air pollution and how its solutions can help clear the air. Earlier this year E.ON unveiled a 16ft LUNGS installation to visually represent the issue of air pollution, after 88% of people admitted they were confused about the problem and 89% said they would do more to tackle it if they knew how.

*** FREE FOR EDITORIAL USE ***A 16ft pair of ÔLUNGSÕ has been unveiled in London. As part of a wider campaign on air pollution, E.ON has built LUNGS to make the invisible visible and raise awareness of the issue. Linked to the live levels of air pollution in London, the installation on the banks of the River Thames released harmless smoke to represent three key pollutants.

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