Oxygen infused night cream which has been proven to re-programme the skin to ‘act 10 years younger’ lands on the high-street

It’s maker claim INSTANT EFFECTS PM RECOVERY retrains skin to act years younger thanks to a combination of clinically proven ingredients including patented OX2 Oxygen Transfer Technology, stabilised Vitamin C and Synake.

Dubbed ‘the overnight facial’, the night cream has been independently clinically proven to increase skin firmness by 99% in just 60 minutes. With active ingredients that also claim to reduce wrinkles by 36% in only four weeks whilst the colour intensity of age spots are diminished by 25%.

It’s makers claim PM Recovery also helps to attack daily pollutants by working at a cellular level to rebuild your skin wall barrier, thus preventing harmful free radicals from entering the skin.

The patented OX2 technology allows for more oxygen to be delivered to the skin. As a result blood flow and skin nutrients are being delivered in abundance, resulting in elastin and collagen levels increasing significantly for visibly firmer skin with a reduction in and wrinkles.

Stabilised Vitamin C, which is seen as super-ingredient in skincare, helps protect the body from sun damage whilst its high concentration slows the production of pigment-producing cells and stimulating collagen.

Whilst Synake , the wrinkle smoothing peptide is said to smooth and firm the skin.

The powerful metabolic de-ageing cream has already received high praise from testers with one commenting ‘My skin instantly had a fresher texture and more even look in the morning. My complexion was brighter – if this wasn’t a night-time product I could have gone without make-up immediately after use. After four weeks, lines and wrinkles were less visible. People said I looked well.’

The £34.99 cream is being backed by Harley Street Anti-Ageing specialist Dr Liakas who quotes ‘Most skin products offer anti-ageing in the form mostly of hydration. The difference with INSTANT EFFECTS is the OX2technology; an active Oxygen and energy supply to the tissues. It’s great to have a product on the market that truly “turns back the clock” and literally rejuvenates the skin’

Packed with active ingredients, which are the substances that directly affect changes in the skin, PM Recovery claims to have 20 x more of these active ingredients in every bottle than the average face cream.

Richard Mears, Founder, comments ; ‘There is nothing you can comment or measure about your skin PM Recovery does not improve. It will make the skin of a 40-year-old perform like it did in your thirties - reducing ageing, reversing signs of sun damage, giving it more moisture, better texture and lasting results’

What is skin metabolism ?

The skin’s renewal cycle is influenced by age, lifestyle, our overall health condition and exposure to light.

A slow skin metabolism is a direct link to wrinkles, lack of volume, dullness and fine lines.

Skin cells turn over at a rate of 14 days when you are a baby, hence their ever so smooth, soft and plump skin.

By our 20’s when early ageing creeps in the turnover rate slows to around 22 days and up to every 50 days later in life. Our bodies own collagen levels decline at a level of 1.5% from our 20’s and by our 30’s the body’s natural ability to create collagen is limited.

The dramatic drop in enzyme activity effectively leads to our skin forgetting how to replenish its cells.

The slowing is due to less blood circulation and less oxygen delivered to skin cells, which in turn slows cell function.

Once skin cell renewal reduces, the dead cells collect in the skin, which acts as a barrier blocking the absorption of nutrients.

This becomes a vicious circle because when there is less skin absorption, the skin becomes poorly nourished making it more susceptible to damage.

The award-winning cream is available now nationwide at LloydsPharmacy / £34.99 for 30ml.