Wristbands, key fobs and coffee cups turned into contactless payment devices

Wristbands, key fobs and coffee cups are among a range of trendy contactless devices aimed at taking the hassle out of paying.

The range has been designed to help relieve load-bearing parents, allowing them to pay-on-the-go without having to search for their credit or debit card.

New research has found British parents carry an alarming amount of items with them on a family day out.

One in 10 carry over 100 items, with the average parent carrying 42 items.

The research, by social money app Pingit, also revealed that parents often find themselves leaving essential items behind as a result of having so many things to pack.

A quarter have forgotten their wallet/ purse despite it being voted as one of the essential items for a day out with the children (66 per cent).

A further one in three have forgotten their mobile phone and their house/ car keys.

As a result, on average, parents spend a total of 1 hour 18 minutes a week searching for these forgotten items in the depths of their bags/ pockets before realising they are missing – resulting in a loss of three precious days a year.

Seven in 10 parents are on the hunt for gadgets that will help free up their hands when out with the children (73 per cent) – with two thirds looking for new technology that will reduce the number of items they carry (63 per cent).

Darren Foulds, Managing Director of Pingit, said: “We know the plight parents face when it comes to the heavy load they have to carry – and how simple acts like locating your keys, wallet or purse can become tricky when your hands are full.

“Our wearables aim to give parents a helping hand, meaning you can pay with ease and convenience when on the go, lightening the load for active parents.”

Meanwhile, the extra load is presenting a logistical challenge for parents.

The research revealed parents are lugging 18kg worth of weight around with them – heavier than the kit of a firefighter.

As a result of this, two thirds say they struggle to carry everything – and two fifths have had to ask strangers for help.

Furthermore, a third of British parents have developed back problems as a result of carrying all of the items needed; and a quarter have knocked their head on something whilst lugging their load.

Pingit has partnered with Anna Whitehouse, founder of influential parenting site Mother Pukka, to comment on how much parents balance on a daily basis.

Anna comments: “Some days, I feel as though I have completed a five hour gym workout after I have carried around my parenting kit. It is a wonder that someone so small needs so much ‘stuff’ – but I’ve been caught out before by forgetting to pack some of the essentials and it wasn’t pretty.

“We’re embracing the Pingit devices in our household, anything that gives a helping hand is a yes from us.”

The full range of wearable products are available at web.pingit.com.

Top 10 items parents most often lose

Water bottle (30%)2. Mobile phone (28%)3. Car / House keys (27%)4. Glasses/sunglasses (26%)5. Wallet / Purse (23%)6. Loose change (23%)7. Reusable cup (20%)8. Tablet device (12%)9. Laptop (9%)10. Diary (8%)