The 10 streets in Scarborough and Whitby you are most likely to get a parking ticket

Nearly half a million pounds worth of parking tickets have been issued in one Scarborough street in the last five years it has been revealed.

The top 10 streets for parking tickets in Scarborough and Whitby
The top 10 streets for parking tickets in Scarborough and Whitby

In response to a Freedom of Information request Scarborough Council has revealed the number, and the value, of the Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) given out over the past five years on the streets of the borough. Scarborough Council issues PCNs as enforcement agents for North Yorkshire County Council’s on-street and is the enforcement authority for off-street car parks with the borough. Here are the 10 streets in the borough where you are most likely to see someone getting a ticket:

The road outside the famous Grand Hotel sees twice as many fines handed out as the next nearest street. It has a car park, waiting restrictions and a Travelodge in the vicinity.
Scarboroughs seafront is another tourist trap which is catching out parkers trying to find somewhere to park up to enjoy some sun.
A residential area in the centre of Scarborough town which also has a number of waiting restrictions and bus stops leading to a high number of tickets.
The first entry from Whitby, a popular road for people looking to park up and head into town or to Pannett Park opposite.
Located in the heart of the town this pay and display area catches out a number of people who are looking to nip to the shops quickly.
Waiting restriction and a disc zone are in force on this busy shopping street.
One of the towns busiest streets which stretches along the banks of the River Esk to almost the 199 steps with a number of car parks and on-street restrictions.
On-street charges, bus stops, people waiting to pick up and drop off at hotels and businesses, it is one of the busiest roads in the town. No-one will be surprised to see it on the list.
Although more tickets were handed out in Flowergate than at the street at number 10 in this list the value of the tickets is lower due to the lower level nature of the offences.
Rounding off the list is another Whitby one-way street that gets very busy in the summer.