Accountant jailed for sex with girl

A trainee accountant has been jailed for 12 months after having unlawful sex with a schoolgirl he 'overwhelmed' with affection in his flat on their fourth date.

Alex Atkinson, 21, plied the girl with pizza and two glasses of wine after a series of meetings including a Bridlington beach party where he combed her hair after she left the sea.

Atkinson joked about the girl’s age, kissed her and told her she was beautiful in a three-week summer romance. They met at a party, before staying at his flat where they cuddled and fell asleep together.

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The girl recorded their meetings in her private diary, which her sister spotted, telling their father who then 
involved the police.

Atkinson, of Flamborough Road, Bridlington, appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence (May 20) after pleading guilty to charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and sexual touching.

Crown barrister Gordon Stables said the couple were introduced at a party becoming intimate talking to each other and him walking her home.

Mr Stables said the girl said she thought he was attentive and encouraging of their relationship and they kissed and cuddled. Four days later she texted him for a meeting and they ended up at his flat. They took a bath together but the victim kept her underwear on.

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Mr Stables said the next day they met again and ate pizza and shared wine. The girl said she had two glasses, but did not feel drunk before they went to bed.

In a victim impact statement, the girl said she felt depressed about the affair and her school work had suffered. She said she found it hard to discuss and was nervously looking over her shoulder fearing others were talking about what had happened. She said: “I am very disappointed by Alex’s behaviour and hope he learns not to mess with the emotions of vulnerable people.”

He told police he had not had sex with her and not liked her.

The court heard Atkinson had previously had a relationship with another underage girl.

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Defence barrister Nigel Clive said Atkinson’s father had been jailed when he was seven for a sexual offence and he had been teased at school and so had withdrawn into himself.

He said Atkinson wanted to make something of his life and had enrolled on an accountancy course.

Sentencing Judge Bury said:“You are a 21-year-old man and should have walked away from this relationship. This was not the first time you had a relationship with an underage girl. These offences are designed to protect young people and sometimes that means protecting them from themselves.”

He ordered Atkinson should be sentenced to 12 months in prison. He must also sign on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years.

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