Arts students set the scene for horror film

Scarborough School of Arts students on the set of new horror movie End of TermScarborough School of Arts students on the set of new horror movie End of Term
Scarborough School of Arts students on the set of new horror movie End of Term
A group of students at Scarborough School of Arts recently had a brush with a horror movie when they were asked to help design scenes and provide props for the British production.

Christine Savage, Ruth Smith, Atlanta Torr, Nicole Smith, Angela Howard, Alex Dib-Bennett, Julie Springhall and Laura Manton plus Dale Cunningham were asked by GSP Studios to create props for the company’s third horror film called End of Term.

The talented students provided various artwork for designated characters plus many incidental artworks including a ‘living tree’ and a terrifying torture chair.

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End of Term was filmed on location in Yorkshire during October and November.

The torture chair created for End of Term.The torture chair created for End of Term.
The torture chair created for End of Term.

The film is based around the fictitious Ford Barrington Art School where the students are tormented by the lingering menace of Garth Stroman, an artist who had a disturbing vision 50 years prior.

The movie stars former Doctor Who and All Creatures Great and Small actor Peter Davison, Ronald Pickup, and rising talent Ben Lamb.

GSP’s recent productions include That Good Night with John Hurt, Mad to Be Normal starring David Tennant and a cinematic reimagining of Shakespeare’s Macbeth with rising star Mark Rowley. End of Term, now in post-production, was directed by Mark Murphy.

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He said: “I’m excited about bringing something new to horror fans, as well as a much wider audience. It is going to look stunning, and this is in part helped by the choice of locations and the great care and attention that has been put into sourcing the genuine artistic props, scenery and costume elements.

One of the students' installations.One of the students' installations.
One of the students' installations.

“Its going to bring an exciting new cast to people’s attention and I have no doubt they will go on to do many great things. It’s a script with some really engaging that will have you invested in the film from the very start to the end.”

Producer/writer John Paul Chapple said: “After some years in gestation, it’s great to see this story finally being brought to life so vividly by the director, cast and crew. Expectations regarding the audience are high.”

Christine Savage said: “The students were asked to create paintings and other items for the production, including a weird chair complete with claws and spikes.

“We spent a week painting scenes to make the sets look like an art school.”