BREAKING: Brid woman and Ryedale couple in Tunisia terror attack

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26th June 2015, 8:23 pm
Diane Brown, 49, of Quay Road has been caught up in the terrorist attack in Tunisia
Diane Brown, 49, of Quay Road has been caught up in the terrorist attack in Tunisia

A Bridlington woman and a Malton couple are reported to be safe but “shaken” after surviving the terrorist attack at the Tunisian resort town of Sousse.

Both Diane Brown, 49, of Quay Road, Bridlington, and Barry and Suzanne West, of Reeton Terrace, Norton, are believed to be in their respective hotel rooms following this morning’s tragedy.

Speaking to the Bridlington Free Press, Diane’s son Danny Brown, 30, of Sewerby Road, said: “We don’t know much. It’s hard to get information out at the moment.

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“I called the embassy and they couldn’t give me any information because it was still ongoing.

“She rang me saying what had happened. She was told to stay in her room by security. She said there’s security all round the hotel including helicopters.

“She was on the beach at the time it happened which is just over the road from the hotel.

“She said she could hear the machine guns going off and screaming going to the hotel. I was all happening when she was talking.

“She is in her room. She was really scared and shaken.”

Mandy West told the Malton and Pickering Mercury that her dad Barry had managed to make a quick phonecall to his father to let him know he and his wife, Suzanne, were okay.

“He rang my granddad, he didn’t have long, and just said they are okay,” she said.

“They came down for breakfast and sat otuside and heard gunshots. The hotel staff got everyone inside and they have been in their room for the past three hours.”

She added: “My dad apparently said he will ring them when he can and let them know whether they will be coming home.”