Bridlington drug pushers are jailed

A man whose brother was killed in a street attack has been jailed for 64 months for starting a drug supply business in Bridlington in the wake of his death.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 9th June 2016, 10:15 am
Updated Friday, 10th June 2016, 10:35 am
Sally Hughes, left. Andrew Everest, top, and Anthony White, bottom

Anthony White, 43, was fighting side-by-side with Graham White, 39, when his younger brother was fatally stabbed in a battle over drugs on August 27 2014. Anthony White took his brother’s death badly, spiralling into depression. He then, along with Sally Hughes in Burlington Road, Bridlington, supplied heroin for four months, Hull Crown Court heard (Tuesday June 6).

Police raided the flat at 9.40am on June 22 last year, catching White, Hughes and Andrew Everest red handed with cash and mobile phone dealer messages. White was on police bail at the time for the fight which Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, later described as shocking for the resort.

White, 43, formerly of Prickett Road, Bridlington, sat in the dock separated from Andrew Everest, 40, of Vernon Road, Bridlington and Sally Hughes, 34, of Marshall Avenue, Bridlington. All three had pleaded guilty to a charge of supplying a Class A drug between 12 February and June 21 2015. Hughes also admitted possession of heroin with intent to supply and four shop lifting offences.

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Crown barrister Rukhshana Hussain said when police raided Hughes’ flat they saw her drop a yellow Kinder egg on a table containing 4.4grams of heroin with a street value of £540.

Everest was sat at a table with plastic bags money and drugs and White was in an arm chair.

A total of 63 wraps of heroin were found with a street value of £630, £150 in cash and four mobile phone with dealer messages on.

Defence barrister Jayne Bryan said Anthony White was a father of five whose addiction goes back many years. She said after his brother death his addiction escalated resulting in his dealing. She said he still had 21 months to serve and had rekindled the relationship with his partner of 20 years and was now drug free in prison.

The court heard White had 40 previous convictions, Hughes had 80 previous convictions and Everest had 76 previous convictions - all related to their drug abuse over decades.

Defence barrister Steven Robinson. He said: “She is a young lady whose life is ruined by drugs. She developed an addiction at an early age. Of course it is her fault, but it is something she has found difficulty to put behind her.”

Everest gave evidence against White which had convicted him, said barrister John Thackray. He said: “Every time he walks down the street, he is receiving abuse and threats. He has been told if he goes to prison his life will be in danger. The person he has given evidence about is the person who was involved in violent disorder involving dangerous and murderous weapons. He has recently been released from hospital after a significant stay.”

Sentencing Judge David Tremberg said. “Class A drugs wreck lives. Of all the people in this court room, you three must know that better than anyone because they are wrecking your lives and in turn you are blighting the lives of others. You were dealing in this dangerous and highly addictive substance of heroin.

“In your case White, I bear in mind how this dealing occurred in the aftermath of the death of your brother. It is no way to deal with depression by starting to pedal class A drugs.”

White was jailed for 64 months, Hughes was jailed for 60 months and Everest was given a 21-month suspended prison sentence. Everest was also ordered to take part in a six-month drug rehabilitation programme. Everest left court to shouts of “grass” from White’s partner.