Call for action over craters

Scarborough's roads are riddled with potholes '“ with drivers reporting a surge in car damage.

Friday, 23rd February 2018, 11:36 am
Updated Friday, 23rd February 2018, 11:40 am
Pot holes on Scarborough's A64 . Examples of road damage on the A64

Motorists are faced with the daily challenge of having to dodge craters along the A64 between Scarborough and Malton.

The county council says that from November 2017 to January 2018, 75 potholes have been reported in the Scarborough area – almost double the number recorded the same period the year before.

Pot holes on Scarborough's A64 . Examples of road damage on the A64

But there are also unreported cracks, bumps and damage which hasn’t been recorded.

Motorists are now speaking out following damage to cars after coming into contact with one of the tyre-damaging holes.

Jill Hildebrand Milburn said: “My husband hit a couple of potholes on the A64 in the dark on the way to Leeds. A week later the car failed its MOT due to a very large split on the inside of the tyre only visible from the guy being 
underneath the car.

“The only explanation we have is potholes as the tyre was relatively new.”

Pot holes on Scarborough's A64 . Examples of road damage on the A64

Another driver said she has had two broken springs believed to be caused by the holes in the road.

The A64 is in a “dreadful” condition and has been described as an “obstacle course” with motorists often forced to swerve across the white lines to avoid the clusters of potholes.

Alan Lee Snr said: “Considering they’ve resurfaced large parts of the A64, it is surprising that even these sections are showing potholes.

“Something is seriously wrong with either the tarmacadam itself, or the contractors laying it.”

Pot holes on Scarborough's A64 . Examples of road damage on the A64

While John Edwins said: “I personally think the state of the roads in Scarborough, and everywhere else for that matter, is disgraceful. In some parts Stepney Road and Stepney Hill are some of the worst and even the A64. If you are doing speeds of 60mph could seriously damage your car or cause an accident.”

Following complaints to Highways England, which is responsible for the maintenance of the road, an assessment of potholes will be carried out and repairs will be carried out where necessary.

As council budgets tighten, the RAC says road repairs are one of the first things to go. Figures for the final quarter of 2017 show an 11% increase in breakdowns the RAC attended that could be attributed to potholes compared to the same period in 2016.

A spokesperson for the RAC said: “RAC set up the pothole index to look at the state of the roads.

Pot holes on Scarborough's A64 . Examples of road damage on the A64

“It’s terrible at the moment, what the quarter one index is likely to show, when it’s published, is that conditions have got worse and worse.”

Motorists are able to put a claim to the local authority for the costs of repairs for damage caused by reported potholes.

Weather conditions since November have had a damaging effect on highway services due to weeks of plummeting temperatures, rain, sleet and snow and the need to grit the roads night after night.

“The deterioration is there for us all to see. Come the spring we will re-start our annual programme of maintenance and repair work when we can make inroads into the damage,” said County Councillor Don Mackenzie, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Highways.

“The 2018 schedule of works includes again hundreds of roads which will be patched and dressed and others which will be planed off and completely resurfaced. Repairs will be carried out on the basis of prioritisation.”

The county council will have spent £48m on road maintenance by the end of this financial year 2017/18.

The number of potholes is expected to worsen in the winter due to freezing conditions.

Adam Beston, manager at Boro Tyres Autocentre, said he hasn’t seen an increase in damage caused by potholes.

He said: “It’s hard to tell as there’s no real fixed event. Generally there’s more potholes but I couldn’t say there is definitely more suspension work or tyres damaged.

“Problems from directly hitting a pothole are only really going to damage suspension, tyres and wheels.

“Around three or four years ago, I think there was more of an increase and now potholes are there most of the time.

“The flooding in August damaged a lot of roads too.

“Traditionally potholes occurred in the winter but now they just seem to be around all year.”

Report all potholes and cracks at

What residents have to say on the issue:

Zoe Mennell: ”I travel every day on the A64, it’s like an obstacle course.”

Amanda Wademan: “There’s part of the A64 coming off Staxton roundabout going towards York that is currently dreadful!”

Jacky Whitton: “The whole of Stepney Road needs sorting, properly, not just a temporary filling in that works loose after a week. Went over one there and thought my whole car was going to go in.”

Debbie Rickards: “Where hasn’t got potholes? Even the pavements have potholes!”

Leanne Brand: “My husband commutes to work on a bike, these potholes are an accident waiting to happen. “

Bryan Pickup: “It’s all over the borough. It’s shocking to see that the roads around this town are not being very well maintained.”

Ty Chapman: “Bottom of Tennyson Avenue, damaged by the floods last year, water was running underneath the tarmac and it’s made it all bumpy.”

Shaun Sugden: “Pickering roads are horrendous and everyone is having to get new tyres every week, it’s despicable.”