Bridlington Neighbourhood Policing Team targets drug offending in the town

The local Bridlington Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working closely with detectives and officers from Operation Galaxy on a local operation (called Operation Gatehouse) to directly tackle drugs dealing and associated crime in Bridlington.

By Louise Perrin
Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 2:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 2:30 pm
Operation Gatehouse in Bridlington
Operation Gatehouse in Bridlington

This police action has had the support from colleagues at British Transport Police (BTP), the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, local councillors and of course with our local residents.

Together they have been gathering intelligence and information on the ground leading to 15 warrants being served and 30 people being arrested since May 2021 alone.

Inspector Hussain is the local Neighbourhood Police Inspector for the area, he said, “Since May we have not only arrested 30 people but we have make a significant impact on the supply of drugs in Bridlington.

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Operation Gatehouse in Bridlington

“Drugs not only wreck the lives of those who supply and use them but also have a huge impact on local crime. This operation has had a direct positive impact and seen crime reduce in Bridlington by 35% since May this year.

“Locally we have seized over £16,000 worth of drugs, £15,000 worth of cash and 28 cars.

“The warrants served at addresses across the town have not only resulted in 30 arrests. The warrants are not only reaping rewards by way of seizing cash and drugs but also sends a very strong message to anyone who feels that they can operate drug dealing in our town.

‘If you are a criminal operating in our local area, our officers will work tirelessly to target you and bring you to justice to ensure you stop committing crime.

Operation Gatehouse in Bridlington

“Over the summer officers have conducted a number of joint operations with British Transport Police (BTP). We know that travelling criminal gangs use the rail network to get young people to transport drugs across the country. This type of operation often exploits young and vulnerable people – coerced into a life of crime through drugs gangs controlling them.

“Five of these joint operations have been carried out and have been extremely successful in making sure drug supplies are disrupted and to help those young people to break free from a life of crime.”

Operation Gatehouse will continue to operate in Bridlington and several further warrants are already in the planning stages.

Inspector Hussain said: “This is very much an ongoing police operation. These results speak for themselves and is down the hard work of the local police teams and the partnership working.

“Our community plays a huge part in making Bridlington a safe and wonderful place to live and work. I want to make sure they know they can come to us at any time with any suspicions they have about any type of criminal activity in their neighbourhoods.

“People can contact us many ways, report online, drop in at Bridlington police station, speak with any officer on the beat or email us on [email protected].

“I am passionate about having a really positive impact on the crime in Bridlington. Together we can continue to take action against those in the minority who want to disrupt other people’s lives and commit crime in our community.”