Driver arrested in Scarborough during seat belt safety campaign

A driver in Scarborough has been arrested after being stopped as part of a campaign raising the dangers of not wearing a seat belt.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 4:56 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th June 2021, 5:34 pm

A man driving a small hatchback was stopped by police in Scarborough yesterday and was not wearing a seatbelt.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of taking a motor vehicle without consent, driving whilst disqualified, no insurance and being unfit to drive through drugs and the car was seized.

A second driver was stopped nearby for also not wearing a seatbelt.

A car was seized by police on the A165 outside Aldi.

The van they were driving was found to have not been taxed since November 2020. They were given a traffic offence report and the van was seized.

Police said the arrest was "a classic case of one offence leading to another... and another."

North Yorkshire Police are running a county-wide seatbelt education and enforcement campaign this week, highlighting the dangers of not wearing one.

Officers are using unmarked and marked cars to carry out vehicle checks to stop drivers who are not wearing seatbelts, or wearing them incorrectly.

Nearby, a van was also seized by police after being stopped as part of a seatbelt safety campaign.

They have been offering advice to parents about child seats outside schools.

Schools are also teaching children about the importance of wearing one with a special campaign aimed at pupils, provided by road safety experts THINK!

A spokesperson said: "Wearing a seatbelt isn't optional - it's the law, and has been for decades, we enforce it every day.

"You’re twice as likely to die and 30 times more likely to be catapulted out of a vehicle in a crash if you don’t wear one. You can also injure or kill other people."

Those caught breaking the law can be fined up to £500.