Jail for Malton man Neal Hudson, after savage attack on his 73-year-old partner

A man has been jailed for three years for a brutish attack on his partner during which she was punched, bitten, kicked, stamped on, hit with a slipper and had a metal coal bucket thrown at her.

By Court Reporter
Monday, 11th November 2019, 10:18 am
Updated Monday, 11th November 2019, 10:36 am
Neal Hudson
Neal Hudson

Neal Hudson, 53, a hulking figure in comparison with his dainty, elderly partner, aimed a volley of “vile” abuse at the 73-year-old victim and gave her such a beating she needed hospital treatment for a head wound and was left with shoe marks on her back.

The burly man, who behaved “like an animal”, the court heard, launched into the first savage attack after accusing her, without evidence, of flirting with other men.

The horrific incident happened at the couple’s home in Malton on September 25, when an argument broke out between them about “past issues” which caused Hudson to “flip” and slap the victim repeatedly in the face, York Crown Court heard.

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He then bit her on the nose with enough force to break her skin and hit her on the buttocks with a slipper, causing bruising, said prosecutor Martin Robertshaw.

Two nights later, Hudson - who had been drinking ‘home brew’ - went “ballistic” and grabbed his partner by the scruff of the neck. He then struck her with the back of his hand with such force she fell straight to the floor.

“He then hit her again as she was on the floor and threw a coal bucket at her which hit her on the head,” said Mr Robertshaw.

The blow caused a cut so deep it reached an artery and the victim was bleeding profusely.

Hudson then bit her on the arm. He then ordered her to go to their bedroom where he hit her with his forearm, causing her to fall to the floor again. While she was down, he stamped on her back.

Hudson then knelt on her “with all his weight”, causing a suspected fracture to her ribs. “He then picked her up and began beating her with a slipper,” said Mr Robertshaw.

“He then threatened to kill her. She believed his threats. It was by now 5am and he was still drinking wine.”

The victim finally escaped from the house at about 7am after Hudson fell into a drunken sleep. She caught a bus to Scarborough where she went straight to hospital.

She was treated for a 1cm cut to the back of her head which required four stitches. She also suffered two black eyes which were badly bruised and swollen.

There was “extensive” bruising all over her body, “multiple bite marks” and swelling to the back of her hand and middle finger, which had been fractured and had to be put in a splint.

Police turned up at the couple’s home and found Hudson “clearing up”. He told officers he “loved the woman with all my heart” but claimed, spuriously, that she had “lied to me”.

However, he admitted he had behaved “like an animal”.

His partner, who now wanted nothing to do with him, had been taking painkillers since the terrible incidents and prescription drugs to help her sleep and ease her anxiety.

“I cry on a daily basis,” she added. “I feel worthless. It makes me feel sick thinking about what he did to me.”

Hudson, formerly of Great Habton, appeared for sentence via video link on Thursday after admitting wounding and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Mr Robertshaw said the couple had been together for five years but things soon turned sour after they got together.

The court heard it wasn’t the first time that Hudson had attacked his partner. Just a month before the dreadful attacks, he was cautioned for an assault on her which left her with a swollen black eye after he punched her in the face.

Defence barrister Stephen Grattage said Hudson was “deeply sorry” and admitted he had a problem with drink and relationships.

Judge Simon Hickey told Hudson: “In your own words, you said you were an animal – indeed you were.

“It’s had a dramatic effect on this lady. It was gratuitous degradation of this vulnerable victim.”

Hudson was jailed for three years and given a lifetime restraining order which bans him from contacting the victim or going anywhere near her home.