"Nasty looking" weapon handed to police by Scarborough martial arts club

Scarborough karate and aikido group The Rising Sun School of Wado Ryu played their part in the crackdown on knife crime – by handing to police a “very nasty looking” weapon.

By Steve Bambridge
Tuesday, 4th June 2019, 10:39 am
The handover of the weapon.
The handover of the weapon.

School founder Darrel Haigh has always felt strongly about people carrying weapons on the street and has often put on weapons awareness sessions and self defence courses as well as knife defence courses.

He said: “I would like to thank PC Fawcett for coming in to our dojo and collecting a very nasty looking knife that was handed in to us at the club from one of our concerned parents that had managed to talk someone in to handing it over to them.

“Martial Arts is about peace and harmony.

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“Weapons have always scared me, you never know these days what people are carrying; on the streets is bad enough but now they’re being brought into schools. I find it very upsetting that young kids today feel that threatened they must carry knives to fit in with their friends or to give themselves a reputation to be liked.

“Yes, it is true we train with weapons but we train with traditional martial art weapons for the sole purpose of learning how to defend against them and never promote them as a must have object or ‘it’s cool to carry’.

“We as a club wanted to do something that shows we supported the “say no to knife crime”.

For more information on the club call 07858 944598 or visit www.therisingsunschool.co.uk