Scarborough crack addict who harassed his mother for cash is jailed for 18 months

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A Scarborough crack addict who stalked his own mother and made repeated demands for cash has been jailed for 18 months.

Daniel Moores, 30, from Scarborough, was on a suspended prison sentence at the time for dealing cannabis, York Crown Court heard.

He was also on bail when he waged an unrelenting harassment campaign against his mother over a four-week period which left her a “nervous wreck”, said prosecutor Kelly Sherif.

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His mother was a carer for her son who had a serious health condition and she had arranged for his benefits to be paid into her account, added Ms Sherif.

Daniel Moores.Daniel Moores.
Daniel Moores.

Moores, whose bail conditions forbade him from going to his mother’s home, started making demands for money in August this year and his mother, who was named in court, felt obliged to keep handing him cash.

On the first occasion she gave him £140 but he returned to her house in Scarborough a short time later, in a “drugged-up state” and demanding more cash.

Moores demanded his “allowance” again later that day and when his mother told him she had already given it to him, he subjected her to an expletive-ridden volley of abuse.

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His mother, who kept telling Moores he wasn’t allowed at her house, handed over another £40 but then he asked for her bank card.

“He demanded she walk to the bank machine with him and when she said no, he said, ‘You are a disgrace’,” added Ms Sherif.

Ms Sherif said Moores’ mother had been giving him her pension money because his benefit payments hadn’t gone into her account that month.

On September 25, Moores was back at his mother’s again demanding money.

“She gave him £10 to get him to leave,” said Ms Sherif.

“He returned…later and she gave him another £20.”

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Later that day, the victim’s neighbour told her that Moores had been taken to hospital after he was found lying in a ditch.

But that didn’t stop him returning to his mother’s in a taxi the following day, making more demands for cash - and she also had to pay for his cab ride.

After being subjected to another foul-mouthed tirade, she handed over £60 to get him to leave.

Moores swore at her as he left.

The following day, he turned up outside her house in another taxi and again she had to pay for it.

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“He asked for more money for food and ‘baccy’,” said Ms Sherif.

“She gave him £40 and said, ‘This has to stop - come back when you’re clean,” added the barrister.

When Moores returned later that day demanding more money, his mother couldn’t take any more and called police.

He was arrested and told police he couldn’t remember some of the incidents because he had been on a four-day Diazepam and alcohol “bender”.

He was charged with harassment and admitted the offence.

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Before the stalking incidents, Moores had been arrested for possessing crack cocaine on August 4, which was in breach of a suspended-sentence order.

He admitted all matters and appeared for sentence on Wednesday, October 12 after being remanded in custody.

Ms Sherif said the victim felt “threatened and intimidated” by her son and was “in fear of violence”.

“She said his moods are erratic and he becomes very aggressive very quickly,” added the prosecutor.

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Moores was arrested for possessing crack in August when police swooped on his flat in Prince of Wales Terrace, off Redcliffe Road, and found a crack pipe and a small amount of cocaine.

Defence barrister Nick Peacock said Moores was not a well man, mainly due to a serious health condition and his life expectancy was limited.

“He’s been a drug addict for a very long time,” he added.

Judge Sean Morris told Moores he had squandered his chance of avoiding jail after being given a 12-month suspended sentence for possessing cannabis with intent to supply in August last year.

He said the harassment of his mother was “deeply unpleasant given that she’s trying to help you”.

Moores was given an 18-month jail sentence, of which he will serve half behind bars before being released on prison licence.