Scarborough police seize White Ford Kuga for having no insurance

A white Ford Kuga was seied in Scarborough on Friday, March 8, after it was found to be uninsured.
The white Ford Kuga was seized by policeThe white Ford Kuga was seized by police
The white Ford Kuga was seized by police

PC Gambles from Scarborough's Response Team One was on patrol in Scarborough when he came across the vehicle.Subsequent checks revealed that there was no insurance policy in place for the car, which was then seized.

The driver will now be reported for the insurance offences.Inspector Hope of Scarborough Response Team One said: "Drivers are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct documents to drive.

"An uninsured driver can cause financial or economic issues for other road users should they be involved in a collision.

"We are committed to removing uninsured vehicles from the road."