Dining Out: Resolution, Skinner Street, Whitby

Delightful setting, class food, hearty portions, value for money...I'll get straight to it, this place is fantastic, and living only five minutes away, I'm kicking myself for having never visited before.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th March 2018, 2:00 pm
Resolution, Whitby
Resolution, Whitby

The venue itself is raised above street level, meaning you can’t really see inside when you walk past, and it hides how impressive the interior is; it’s lovely, a

hidden gem!

A large fish tank built into the wall forms the centrepiece, while classy furnishings coupled with stunning wall features such as a waterfall type effect give the place ‘wow’ factor – but no, I didn’t ‘dunk my head in it’, despite my other half jokingly goading me to do so.

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It was reasonably quiet when I visited with my girlfriend, Katie, so we took

advantage of an empty raised area in the restaurant which we had to ourselves. It offered a welcome change to some recent dining experiences elsewhere where we’ve felt a bit cramped for room, seated too close to others.

Making decisions never proves easy for Kate but as a Boro girl I insisted she tried the chicken parmesan(£9.95), better known as a ‘parmo’ on Teesside. It’s a dish made famous by the late BBC Tees commentator Ali Brownlee whose line “everybody round my house for a parmo” during a dramatic late football

moment has proved iconic.

Whenever I look at a menu these days I can’t help but feel my eyes gravitate towards the pizza options, ‘not pizza again’ sigh people who know me well. But I can’t help the fact pizza is, and always has been, my favourite dish – and Resolution’s offering was superb.

A 12 inch deep pan margherita, coupled with a drink for £7.95 ... you can’t go wrong. And it wasn’t just the value that impressed, it was really, really tasty, packed with cheese and fresh tomatoes, it left me stuffed.

Katie was left impressed by her dish too. Fresh cut homemade chips, a neat side salad and a strong garlic sauce formed the perfect accompaniment to a succulent, cheesy parmo – “almost as good as Boro’s finest” was her verdict, high praise indeed! I declined the offer of a taste - it has become somewhat of a running joke among our families, but I don’t like chicken, much to the bewilderment of everyone I seem to meet. Katie only insists bringing it up once every five minutes with every new person we talk to, much to my delight!

We’re both fans of a bit of music from bygone eras, so the Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie type tunes playing throughout the night kept us entertained, while an occasional roar from a small crowd watching the football in the bar area gave the place a lively feel.

Relaxing, atmospheric, friendly staff and great value – the best meal I’ve had out in some time, I would highly recommend giving it a go.