Dog owners in a field of their own thanks to Broughton venture

Emma Lund is pictured with her own dog Gypsy.Emma Lund is pictured with her own dog Gypsy.
Emma Lund is pictured with her own dog Gypsy.
A specially designed field to host dogs has opened in Broughton.

Ryedale Dog Field, set in two acres, provides a large, enclosed space for dogs to run free in a private environment.

Emma Lund, who has set up the field, said: “There are lots of people who walk dogs in the area but they have to be kept on leads on footpaths so this gives them the opportunity to run free.

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“A couple of people have said to me that their dogs are quite nervous around other dogs so a privately booked open field means the dogs can have the freedom they crave while the owners have the confidence to know that they will be left alone.”

Christine Spencer, a local dog trainer and behaviour consultant, said: “Some of my clients have already booked Ryedale Dog Field and it is proving to be a really good space to get the owner and dog working together in an open but safe area.”

Visit for more details.

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