Driver stopped in Scarborough found to be wanted for failing to attend court in Scotland

Image from Scarborough Police.Image from Scarborough Police.
Image from Scarborough Police.
A driver was stopped overnight by Scarborough Police and found to be wanted for offences elsewhere around the county.

A police officer sighted the Honda Civic driving along Seamer Road, Scarborough, and after being joined by North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group found that the driver was wanted on warrant for failing to attend court in Dumfries, Scotland.

A spokesperson from Scarborough Police, said: "Overnight, PC 456 sighted this Honda Civic driving along Seamer Road in Scarborough. The driver attempted to evade him by quickly turning onto a side street and parking up out of sight. Unsuprisingly, this tactic didn't work.

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"To make matters worse, the car had an expired MOT certificate and no vehicle excise licence. The driver was arrested for the warrant and issued with a Traffic Offence Report for the MOT. He spent the night in custody and was collected by officers from Police Scotland today who will deliver him to the next available Scottish court."

The Honda Civic was seized on behalf of the DVLA for having no tax.