Drug driver was eight times over legal limit when pulled over in North Yorkshire

A Scarborough man has been banned from driving for two years after being caught eight times over the legal limit for cannabis while behind the wheel.

Daniel Johnson was stopped by officers from North Yorkshire Roads Policing Group on New Year's Eve.

The 24-year-old was arrested when a road side drug wipe test proved positive for cannabis.

He released on bail while further blood tests were analysed.

These tests later revealed that Johnson was actually eight times the legal limit for cannabis, which is two micrograms per 100ml of blood.

Whilst on bail for the original drug driving offence, Johnson was stopped again by police on the February 12 in Pickering on suspicion of the same offence.

Another roadside test returned a positive result for cannabis.

However, when in custody Johnson refused to provide a blood sample and was charged with the offence of failing to provide a specimen.

He was dealt with at Scarborough Magistrates' Court on February 13 and found guilty of both drug driving and failing to provide a specimen.

Johnson, of West Park Terrace, received a driving ban of two years and was ordered to pay a total of £500 in fines and £105 in associated charges.

Traffic constable Jamie Lord, of the Roads Policing Group, said: “The court's decision is a clear message that drug driving will not be tolerated.

"If North Yorkshire Police have information that people are using drugs and driving we will target them, arrest them and put them in front of the courts.

"These irresponsible drivers who risk the safety of others need to know that a driving licence is a privilege and not a right. If you abuse that privilege, you lose the licence.”