How to save water in Yorkshire during the heatwave

As the current heatwave continues to bring unusually warm weather, it also brings a surge in the demand for water.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 5:50 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 5:52 pm

The rise in temperatures not only increases the need for water, but it also threatens to take its toll on supplies around the country.

Yorkshire Water recently revealed that daily water consumption has increased by up to an extra 200 million litres, this being more water than the whole of Leeds consumes in one day.

The firm has enacted its contingency plans and increased water production capacity in order to meet the anticipated spike in water use throughout the region as the warm weather continues.

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As the current heatwave continues to bring unusually warm weather, it also brings a surge in the demand for water

However, the firm still urges its 5 million customers to be mindful of water use and carry out water-saving tips.

Director of Service Delivery at Yorkshire Water, Pamela Doherty, said: “Our top tips are to limit time spent in the shower to no more than four-minutes, use a watering can to water garden plants, and to hold off on cleaning the car but if you have to wash it use just use a bucket and sponge.”

Yorkshire Water are also asking customers to report any leaks and cracked or burst pipes in their local areas in order to prevent water being wasted.

Here are the best ways of saving water during the heatwave

Saving water in the garden

-Use a watering can instead of a hose

-Clean your drive with a broom instead of a hose. This could save 18 litres per minute.

-Add a layer of leaves bark or compost to your flowers beds. This retains moisture and reduces the need for watering.

-Don’t wash your car. You can get away with washing just the windows, lights and mirrors or if do you have to wash it just use a bucket and sponge and not a hosepipe.

-Don’t water established plants and lawns. A garden hose can use more water in an hour than a family normally uses in two days.

-Water new plants and lawns with a watering can and do so as late in the evening as possible so that the heat doesn’t make the water evaporate.

-Cover any paddling pools and hot tubs when not in use so that the water needs changing less often. Instead of emptying and totally refilling it every time, use a fish tank net to clean out the paddling pool instead.

-Set your mower a level higher during summer as keeping grass longer shades the soil surface and reduces water lost to evaporation.

Saving water in the kitchen

-Use a washing up bowl instead of a dishwasher. This not only saves water but could save you money too

-Make sure your white goods, including dishwashers and washing machines, are full before being switched on. This not only saves water, but it is also more energy efficient and will help to save money on electricity bills

-Only boil the amount of water you need

-Keep a bottle of tap water in the fridge for drinking so you don’t need to run the tap until it gets cold enough to drink.

Water Saving In the Bathroom

-Have a shower instead of a bath and trying to limit yourself to four minutes. You can even time yourself by ordering one of Yorkshire Water’s sand timer plastic hourglasses.

-Fix any leaking taps as this can save up to 5,500 litres of water over the course of a year and save you money too

Yorkshire Water are also encouraging customers to order a free water-saving pack, which contains a four-minute shower timer, save-a-flush toilet cistern bag, tap inserts and a shower regulator.

For more information or to order a free water-saving pack visit: