Scarborough seaweed farming company Seagrown launches crowdfunding campaign to support expansion

Wave Crookes with the SeaGrown ship. (JPI Media/ Richard Ponter)Wave Crookes with the SeaGrown ship. (JPI Media/ Richard Ponter)
Wave Crookes with the SeaGrown ship. (JPI Media/ Richard Ponter)
Seagrown, a Scarborough-based seaweed farming company, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support a new farming method.

The company is hoping to raise £25,000 to lay four kilometres of seaweed lines in their farm site, four miles off the Yorkshire coast.

Since 2018 SeaGrown has been pioneering a new idea – growing sustainable, carbon-rich seaweed in the cold waters off the beautiful Yorkshire Coast.

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It has developed a brand new method for seaweed farming that can stand up to the challenging open-water environment of the North Sea and allow them to produce ten times more seaweed than originally planned.

By growing seaweed in this offshore setting, SeaGrown is helping the oceans recover to mitigate the climate crisis.

At the same time as absorbing tons of carbon, seaweed releases oxygen into the surrounding water, uses up other excess nutrients and creates new habitats allowing marine life such as fish, mammals and birds to flourish.

"Our workboat, Bright Blue, has a brilliant local crew who work together to plant the seaweed, regularly check it, and harvest it once it grows," said Wave Crookes, SeaGrown director and co-founder. ‘We have also built a seaweed hatchery on board our ship, Southern Star, where we can produce the seeds for the farm.

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"So, SeaGrown is all set to revolutionise seaweed farming in the UK, but we need your help!"

They are asking for your help to raise the £25,000 to lay an extra four kilometres of seaweed line into the North Sea.

The seaweed grown will be used to sustainably manufacture products like biodegradable plastics, bio-chemicals, natural food additives, textiles, fertilisers and of course as a highly nutritious food source for our growing population.

SeaGrown also uses the farmed seaweed to produce sustainable food seasonings and bath products.

To support SeaGrown’s Crowdfunding Campaign, visit