Scarborough to take part in national protest against sea damage

The protest will take place this weekend.The protest will take place this weekend.
The protest will take place this weekend.
A nation-wide protest is planned for this weekend with a message to the government about the depleted marine-life and coastal ecosystem.

The aim is to send a message to the government through local MPs about various issues surrounding the sea, including sewage problems, dredging and to generally save the sea.

This will be a peaceful event on Sunday October 2 with protestors creating a human tsunami - in the form of a giant mexican wave.

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Michelle Richardson, one of the protestors, said: “Our Sea, in many ways, is the life-blood of our local community and economy; it drives our tourism sector and our traditional fishing heritage.

"The quality of Scarborough's sea water in recent years has been well below the standard for blue flag status with prohibitive bathing signs posted all along Scarborough South Bay.

"No swimming in a sea-side resort? That's ludicrous!”

Organisers of the event say: “Our life-supporting seas are dying and profit is placed above people and the planet.

“If the sea dies, we die.”

The protest will take place at 12 noon, on Scarborough’s North Bay at The Sands and South Bay, at the lifeboat station.

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People taking part in the protest are hoping to send the message to Scarborough’s MP Sir Robert Goodwill, who voted against a proposal from the House of Lords to the Environment Bill to place legal duties on water companies to reduce sewage discharges in October last year.

If you will be attending, arrive at 11.30am, ready for 12pm.