Special feature: Sub aqua club members on a mission to clean up the coast

Members of Scarborough Sub Aqua Club (SSAC) have been putting their underwater skills to good effect around Flamborough, Speeton and Thornwick Bay.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 5th August 2021, 7:38 am
The SSAC members with some of the litter picked around Flamborough. Photo by Karen Robinson.
The SSAC members with some of the litter picked around Flamborough. Photo by Karen Robinson.

The SSAC snorkellers have been conducting marine litter picks along the East Coast and even rescued a stricken puffin.

Edmund ‘Spud’ Ulliott, Scarborough Sub Aqua Club’s training officer, plans these events.

He and several other experienced members of the club are well trained in how tides work and the weather.

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The team uses various floats before towing the litter ashore. Photo by Karen Robinson

Mr Ulliott said: “The club has conducted regular beach cleans for quite some time and very much appreciate the volunteers who have helped us with these, including members of the Yorkshire Seal Group, Filey Brigg Dive Club, Marine Conservation Society and Sea Shepherd.

“We have cleaned beaches at Speeton, Cayton, Holbeck, and others in the Scarborough area, too.

“When collecting rubbish during the snorkel, the group use various methods to float and tow the rubbish to shore. They then carry it off the beaches to an area where the councils are able to remove it appropriately.

“We undertake these snorkel litter picks in collaboration with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust pollution officer Anna Cowie.

SSAC members make their way to the sea. Photo by Karen Robinson

“We send her the information of what litter is found and where we have found it so she can log this.

“We would like to thank Anna for her help with valuable information and supplying useful contacts.

“We would also like to thank East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Scarborough Borough Council for their help with collection of the litter we recover.”

Members of the team were recently operating off Hornsea where it recovered huge amounts of marine litter, a ghost net, and crab and lobster pots off a large wreck called The Canada.

This puffin was rescued by SSAC members during a marine litter pick. Photo: Spud Ulliott.

This was carried out by a separate national organisation, the Sea Shepherd Ghost Net Campaign, which Mr Ulliott is also a part of.

Members with some of the items collected at the Speeton litter pick. Photo: Spud Ulliott.