This is why Yorkshire does not currently have a hosepipe ban

United Utilities recently announced that a hosepipe ban will come into place on August 5 in the north-west of England, but where else in the UK has one and why doesn't Yorkshire?

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 11:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 11:47 am

A hosepipe ban was introduced in Northern Ireland at the end of June and now millions in the north-west of England are now also facing a similar ban.

This will be the first hosepipe ban is England since 2012 and is set to affect around 7 million people.

However, there are no current hosepipe bans in place in other parts of England, including Yorkshire, and this is why.

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Where else in the UK has a hosepipe ban and why doesnt Yorkshire?

Why doesn’t Yorkshire have a hosepipe ban?

Alongside other parts of the UK, including Scotland, north-east and south-east England, water resources are still at the expected level for this time of year and although this is being closely monitored, hosepipe bans are not expected to come into place yet.

However, water providers across the UK are encouraging customers to be mindful of water use in order to prevent a ban from occurring.

Yorkshire Water recently revealed that daily water consumption has increased by up to an extra 200 million litres, this being more water than the whole of Leeds consumes in one day.

Yorkshire Water advise using a watering can to water garden plants instead of a hosepipe

However, the firm has enacted its contingency plans and increased water production capacity in order to meet the anticipated spike in water use as the warm weather continues.

Yorkshire Water report that reservoir levels in the region are nearly three-quarters full and therefore there are no current water supply shortages.

However, they are still encouraging their five million customers to carry out water-saving tips and use water more wisely in order to help ensure that the huge demand can continue to be met.

They are also asking customers to report any leaks and cracked or burst pipes in their local areas in order to prevent water being wasted.

Yorkshire Water are encouraging their five million customers to carry out water-saving tips and to use water wisely

Yorkshire Water said: “Due to the continued hot and dry weather over the past month we have often seen an extra demand of up to 200m litres of water per day, which is more than the daily demand of a city the size of Leeds.

“Our planning process means we have been able to deal with this by increasing supply and using our grid to move water around the county. However, thanks to customers heeding advice about how to use water wisely, demand has reduced over the last week. We would ask customers to continue being careful with their use of water and if they need help, they can order our free water saving packs at”

Director of Service Delivery at Yorkshire Water, Pamela Doherty, said: “Despite there being no current water shortages, water is a precious resource and we would still encourage everyone to do their bit to help by using water a little more efficiently.

“Our top tips are to limit time spent in the shower to no more than four-minutes, use a watering can to water garden plants, and to hold off on cleaning the car but if you have to wash it use just use a bucket and sponge.”