Favourite Things: Claire Robinson

Claire is a Young Carer Support Worker with Scarborough and Ryedale Carers Resource. She is the proud mum of Libby and Katie and wife of Stuart, and they live in 'a super house' with her mum, two cats and a puppy.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 12:30 pm
Claire Robinson

When asked to think about my favourite things, it’s so hard to know where to start ... it totally depends on what we are talking about.

Let’s start with food. You are absolutely missing a treat if you haven’t had tea at Eat Me, in Hanover Road, Scarborough. Well, you are missing a treat if you haven’t had breakfast, lunch, afternoon cake and/or tea at Eat Me.

Stephen Dinardo and Martyn Hyde at Eat Me.

Martyn and Stephen and all the team at Eat Me make it a special cuppa whenever you pop in, always buzzing, never falters, never disappoints.

Drinks – I’m a simple prosecco girl so a bottle or two in a quiet bar will suit me down to the ground.

Try the comfy chairs in The Carousel – a favourite with me and my friend when we want to people watch and catch up.

Shop – now you’re talking! TK Maxx is just the best store in the world. The Scarborough store is my second home, but if you are a superfan like me, make sure you alternate it with a visit to the York one (and definitely add in a trip to Home Sense, their homeware store). TK is only pipped at the post by my new favourite clothes shop – a tiny boutique in Malton

Early morning November sunshine on Scarborough's North Bay.

market place called Smash. Just fabulous.

In fact, that brings me to great short days out (I’m a home bird really so short trips do me just fine). Malton is my new discovery – fabulous for a trip with mum.

A vibrant market place peppered with interesting independent shops, some really charming coffee stops and free parking. Great for a different walk around.

Malton comes a very close second to Helmsley. Who doesn’t love a look round Helmsley – great independent shops, a couple of well- known ones and a couple of lovely pubs to quench your thirst in.


In fact, if you fancy an overnight, I’ve tried a few spots in Helmsley and none beats The Feathers (and their newly done-up rooms). I can remember a fabulous night one birthday, few bottles of wine, good company and a lovely friendly bar ... breakfast and home the next day. Try it, honestly it won’t disappoint!

But if you are like me, I love being at home. I live in Peasholm (already a bonus), so North Bay is on the doorstep. If we find ourselves a bit short at the end of the month there is nothing better than a simple hot chocolate in Blue Crush and a run on the beach with the dog!

Talking of home, the puppy is a recent addition – hard work for us all but keeps us fit and focused on cleaning the house! The girls permanently have friends round so we are never sure who else is in the house too.

Baking is a firm favourite for me – it is my stress reliever and always goes down well with the household.

Smash boutique in Malton.

And work is fabulous – I work for Scarborough and Ryedale Carers Resource, an amazing family of hard working people doing a fab job across our area.

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Stephen Dinardo and Martyn Hyde at Eat Me.
Early morning November sunshine on Scarborough's North Bay.
Smash boutique in Malton.