Filey in Bloom's rowing boat has been damaged by vandals

Filey in Bloom's iconic rowing boat has been damaged in what members of the group call an act of 'mindless vandalism'.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 2:25 pm
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 2:49 pm
Filey in Bloom's rowing boat was targeted by vandals earlier in the week.

During the night between Monday, 7 and Tuesday 8, January the rowing boat feature in the town's Northcliffe Gardens was targeted.

Vandals ripped it from its fixings, dragged it towards the seafront and smashed its seats and planks.

John Casey from Filey in Bloom said: "It's very annoying, it's mindless vandalism to undo all the good work that volunteers do to raise money for our features and maintain them.

"We don't receive money from anyone so when things get damaged we have to use our own funds and all the money spent to repair things is money that we can't spend to keep Filey looking beautiful."

John also added that incidents of this type have happened before.

He said: "We've had silhouettes, features, planters being damaged. We always report it to the police but nothing ever gets done, it's frustrating.

"Last year we won gold at Yorkshire in Bloom but some people don't seem to appreciate."

The rowing boat has now been fixed by Scarborough Borough Council's gardeners who found it the next day.

As a result of the vandalism, the group is now planning to talk to the council about the possibility of installing CCTV.