Filey man honoured for fundraising feats

A Filey man has been honoured for his commitment to fundraising and supporting the town's seafaring community.

Martin Douglas was praised by national maritime charity, the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, at its annual Skill and Gallantry Awards.

Mr Douglas was hailed for his commitment to both casework and fundraising within the local community.

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He has shown dedication to his role as honorary agent, one of the charity’s volunteers who operate around the UK, lending a significant amount of time, effort and personal resources over the last 27 years in his support of the society.

Mr Douglas is responsible for looking after the society’s collecting mine in Filey – one of 50 former WW2 mines that are used for charity fundraising – and successfully negotiated with the local council for it to be refurbished following countless acts of vandalism.

He also campaigned to have the mine relocated to the more prominent position of Cobble Landing.

A society spokesman said: “Martin is an example of the committed and hard-working individuals that support us all around the UK. He never fails to respond promptly and enthusiastically to anything that is asked of him, which emphasises his dedication to the role.”

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