Flamingo Land Zoo column with Laura Whiteside

The bactrian camels have already grown their thick winter coat.The bactrian camels have already grown their thick winter coat.
The bactrian camels have already grown their thick winter coat.
The 2016 season has passed so fast, and the North Yorkshire winter is upon us. Here at Flamingo Land our animals and staff are preparing for the cold season ahead and embracing this magical time of year.

In the zoo the keepers are making comfy straw beds and the maintenance men are checking all the heaters to ensure our animals can keep cosy and warm, day and night.

Some of the animals need extra attention, whilst others don’t mind the nip in the air.

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One of these species are the bactrian camels, who have already grown their thick winter coat, ready for the weather these next few months may bring.

In the wild the bactrian camels are able to withstand the freezing temperatures of the Mongolian desert, which can get as low as -40°C.

Their ability to survive is all thanks to their adaptations, such as their long shaggy fur that prevent heat loss, especially around their head, neck and humps.

Luckily, it doesn’t get that cold here at Flamingo Land, but it’s still necessary to wrap up warm.

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Our staff put their thermals on, their gloves, their hats; however it’s not uncommon to spot a zookeeper still in their summer shorts!

After our current shutdown, the zoo will reopen to the public from Saturday 26 November.

This year we are opening our zoo during the week too, not just the weekends, so our visitors can come along on a day that’s best for them!

The only two days we will be closed are Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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In other parts of the park we’re getting ready for Santa’s arrival and the Christmas market, while the rides have closed till spring for their regular maintenance.

For further details on winter opening times and the Christmas activities, please check out our website www.flamingoland.co.uk.

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