Four rescued from the water after vessel capsizes and sinks off Whitby Harbour

Four people have been rescued from the water after a vessel capsized and then sank off the coast of Whitby.

By Martina Moscariello
Monday, 8th July 2019, 9:02 am
Four people have been rescued after a vessel capsized.
Four people have been rescued after a vessel capsized.

The incident happened on Sunday July 7 at about 2.45pm just outside Whitby Harbour.

An eye-witness said: "My partner and I were out on our usual Sunday walk and we both noticed at first how unusually low the tide was and how the scar was more exposed than usual.

"The waves were breaking further out than we usually see and then we were shocked to spot the capsized boat and even more shocked to witness it sink minutes later."

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Four were rescued off the Whitby coast.

Whitby Coastguard and Whitby RNLI were called out to help the casualties who had fallen in the water.

Three were taken on board two passing fishing vessels from Whitby which stopped to assist while one casualty was brought ashore by a lifeguard on their Jet-ski.

Members of the Coastguard team met the casualties at the lifeboat station where they were taken to hospital by ambulance.

A spokesperson from the Coastguard said: "With all people from the vessel accounted for, Coastguards gathered details of the vessel and what had happened and the RNLI's ILB returned to sea to search for any debris from the vessel. Shortly after, the Coastguard team were stood down.

"This was an excellent example of a multi-agency response with everyone working seamlessly together for a positive outcome."