Girl's beauty pageant tribute for father

A Scarborough teenager will compete at a beauty pageant in Disneyland Paris and has been able to record a short album paying tribute to her father.

Ella-Rose Wood has been chosen by the Face Of The Globe organisation to compete at the Grand Finals in April in London and Disneyland Paris.

Described as friendly and ambitious, she hopes this will come across to the judges in the week-long contest.

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Having competed in and won the North of England heat in October 2015, the 13-year-old will be taking on other girls in the junior category.

Ella-Rose has been selected to perform for Miss Talent as one of the top four entries from her age group.

She decided to record a CD to raise money for the Rainbow Child Foundation.

After she had won the heats, sadly on December 9 Ella-Rose’s father Gareth Wood passed away from a bleed from the brain following an operation. As a tribute to him, Ella-Rose recorded the songs ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Hallelujah’ which were played at his funeral and she said “He always loved me singing these songs.”

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Proud mum Linda Wood said: “It’s been a really sad time for us with losing her father. He would have supported her all the way and we all planned on going to Disneyland.”

All the proceeds from the CD will go to the Rainbow Child Foundation and The Brain and Spine Foundation in honour of her dad and can be bought at Jitterbugs Nursery, Market Cafe, the YMCA and York House Beauty.

Ella-Rose added: “I hope many people can support me to raise money for these charities close to my heart by either making a donation or buying one of my CDs.”