Headteacher slams A-level critics

As Ryedale teenagers toast record A-level success, a respected headteacher has hit out at critics who say the exams have got easier.

Richard Bramley, head of Lady Lumley’s at Pickering, has dismissed claims that the exams have been dumbed down to make the results look better.

“I have been teaching for 32 years and there is no doubt that the exams have got tougher,” he said.

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“We are very, very pleased. It has been a fantastic year group and we have achieved the highest ever number of A* results.”

Elsewhere, pupils in Malton are celebrating making the grade.

Rob Williams, head of Malton School, said: “We have had another very good year.”

He said the average total points score this year was 921 and “that is very high.”

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The average total point score is the measures that sums up the grades that a young person can present to an admission teacher at university or an employer.

Over the last 10 years the school has averaged 900 points so with this year’s score he expected the school to be among the highest state sixth forms in Yorkshire.

Phil Loftus, headteacher at Norton College, said students and staff were celebrating their best ever sixth form results.

“Academic results rose for the fifth consecutive year and vocational subjects were outstanding once again,” he said.

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“These results are brilliant and are a reward for the hard work shown by the students and a fantastically committed staff.

“The impact of such consistently good results means that all can go on to their next challenge with confidence.”

Throughout North Yorkshire the proportion of A level candidates gaining the highest A* and A fell for the fourth year running to 25.9 per cent compared with 26 per cent last year but the overall pass rate reversed last year’s trend with a slight rise.