Here's how to decorate your home according to your star sign

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If you are torn between colours and trends when it comes to sprucing up your home interior, here is a horoscope guide to a living style that may suit you.

ScS has teamed up with New York astrologist Lisa stardust to determine the best interior designs to suit individual star signs;


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Aries are naturally athletic and are known for their hot-blooded nature. Being that they are the “firstborn” of the zodiac, they often have a competitive desire to be the best, win every competition, and serve as the spark of inspiration for all the other astrological signs.

“Aries love to be surrounded with bright colours, It boosts their passionate side and their powerful dynamic attitude,” Lisa said. “A bright accent wall can help temper their red-hot attitude. Also, a pop of colour in the kitchen will help calm their fiery energy.”

Lisa adds that Aries like to show off a little: “Bookshelves (filled with their recent obsessions) will serve to heighten their feverish minds, giving them the chance to boast about their intelligence!”


Ruled by tender Venus, Tauruses are the most artistic and sensual of the zodiac. The hardworking bull lives life by the five senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound, and embraces beauty and pleasantries.

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“Lovers of the finer things in life, Tauruses will demand premium quality paint on the walls. A matte cream will serve as a nice palette and background to hang their art and shiny accessories. In the bedroom, satin sheets, high-quality faux-fur throws, and scattered luxury pillows on the bed (a Taurus’ favourite place to luxuriate) will make them feel like the royal bull they aim to be.”


Known as the intellectuals and communicators of the zodiac, the twins are known for their fast wit, intelligence, and ability to win anyone over with their charm.

“Although Geminis prefer to be surrounded by stark white walls, this doesn’t mean they have a bland personality. Their preference for minimal colour is simply because Geminis are the vibrant essence of the room, after all, they are two people in one. The twins like simple decor as a way to unwind after a heavy day.

“All rooms should be light and airy—especially the living room where Geminis will spend the majority of their home time, in the social center of the house. A white shaggy rug, a glass coffee table topped with magazines, and oodles of books on the shelves make the ideal space for a Gemini.”


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While the crab may have a tough exterior, at the core they are caregivers, protective, deeply sensitive, and emotional.

Lisa suggests a girly, cosy bedroom for those born in mid-June to mid-July: “Lilac evokes creativity and calmness for homely Cancer, which allows them to relax.

The most important element of the Cancerian bedroom is the throw, which is where you will find them snuggling up in their cocoon during the cold, blustery months.

Printed curtains with matching comforter and dust ruffles will make a Cancer feel cosy, safe, and warm throughout the year.”


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Dramatic, generous, kind, are all words to describe Leos. With the desire to be loved and admired, Leos love to have a home filled with shiny and golden objects.

“Regal colours such as royal blue and vibrant red serve as great accents for the lion’s lair, as they like to be surrounded by hues that represent their bold personality. A high priced piece of art hanging on their walls will speak to the avant-garde nature of the friendly lion.”


Loyal and hardworking Virgo is the most careful and patient of the zodiac, as they tend to analyse situations before surrendering and committing.

Lisa suggests: “Ruled by communicator planet Mercury, Virgos tend to like muted colours on their walls, as their analytical and critical tendencies make them unsatisfied in the long run when surrounded by colour.

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However, Virgos will love a chalkboard painted wall to leave reminders, notes, and it’s changeable nature suits mutable Virgo.

“Never satisfied with their home furnishings, Virgos tend to redecorate often. This leaves them needing functional core pieces.

Bookshelves filled to the brim, plants hanging from the ceiling, and a classic brown leather sofa will be the centerpiece of Virgo’s decor.”


Lovers of peace, flair, charm, and grace, Libras are known for their intellectualism, romanticism, and fairness.

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Lisa recommends light accents of pink or a soft grey which will suffice their airy sophisticated beauty: “With champagne wishes and caviar dreams, Libras can add sparkly accents such as a glistening chandelier to be the centerpiece when entertaining, unique high-end mirrors to marvel at their beauty, and a chic sidebar filled with the best liquor and glassware in town.”


A reputation to be strong-willed, intense, and mysterious makes Scorpios the deepest sign of the zodiac.

“The main room that matters in a Scorpio household is the bedroom. Their opulent bed must be trimmed with baroque fabric, as it will be the core focus of seductive Scorpio’s boudoir.

A dark red wall in their bedroom will serve to illuminate their darker sensibilities, also their desire for growth, vigor, willpower, and passion.”


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Armed with a bow and arrow, Sagittarius is the philosophical, happy-go-lucky defender of the galaxy, who loves to assert freedom and worldly truths to those who cross the archer’s path.

“Purple is universally known to represent Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius. Dark purples will speak to the archer’s thirst for travel and excitement.”

“Maps of foreign countries should be framed on the walls of a Sagittarius’ home, along with souvenirs from former travels, and postcards on the refrigerator from friends made while on the road will warm the fiery archer’s pied-à-terre.”


Hard working and conservative, Capricorns tend to assert their authority and intelligence first, before showing their soft-hearted loyal nature

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“Known to be a little monetarily frugal at times, Capricorns like to purchase items that will last a lifetime,” says Lisa, “A leather club chair by the fireplace will speak to the sea-goats need for functional classic interiors. A cool evergreen wall will honour their chic, classic, and traditional interiors.”


Born under the element of air, Aquarius blend intellectualism, modernism, and eccentricity together.

Lisa suggests: “Monochrome white walls and floors, with white bedding, speaks to Aquarius’s light and airy nature. However, they love to add splashes of colour from unique paintings and neon art that balances out the basic palate. The walls must be filled with hip innovative art, old record albums, which are illuminated from the fluorescent glow of colourful paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling.”


Known as the dreamers of the zodiac, Pisces are romantic and mysterious sea creatures who use their intuition and creativity to guide them through life.

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“The most important room for Pisces is the bathroom. After all, they can escape from the stresses of everyday life and relax and rewind in the tub. A pearly blue tiled bathroom with periwinkle blue towels and bath mat will allow Pisces to swim into seventh heaven.”

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