House plants that are fashion must-haves

Monday, 21st January 2019, 9:44 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 11:14 am

Sales of house plants have rocketed in recent years with social media helping to promote them as must-haves for the home.

Young people in particular want plants in their homes to add greenery and interest, and fill strategic spots as part of their interior design.

Investing in house plants can be a cheap and easy way to give homes a facelift. House plant sales rose by 15 per cent last year with young professionals largely responsible for the jump in figures.

Social media site has more than 21 million posts labelled with the hashtag #Plants, with many turning to the posts for inspiration when furnishing their homes.

The top seven bestselling plants preferred by customers of the site include the following;

Air plant

This plant epitomises the contemporary look desired by many as it does not need soil to survive. Its low maintenance needs mean it only requires watering twice per week. If the plant is kept in a terrarium it is recommended to leave an opening, so it is still exposed to air.

Mini cheese plant

Popular during the 1970’s, this indoor plant has made a recent comeback among millennials with its price rising by 20 percent due to high demand. Holes in its leaves are the reason for the plant's name as it resembles a slice of Swiss cheese. The greenery has been embraced by the younger generation and is now one of the most popular plants posted on Instagram. Millennials are keen to show off their greenery with the tag #Monstera. To keep the plant healthy, it is recommended to water it once every week.


Commonly found on home or office desks this is one of the most popular mini house plants due to its small size and easy care. Its green leaves are lined with a burst of a colour which could brighten up any gloomy room. An important care tip is to make sure the plant is not overwatered as this is the most common cause of death.

Snake plant

This plant grows vertically making it an ideal design for tight corners that need some greenery. Its tall and rigid leaves could be mistaken for a piece of contemporary art as the snake plant will brighten up any plain white wall.

Since they originate from the desert the foliage can withstand long periods of time without water, making it ideal for young people always on the go.

Lucky bamboo

Millennials can bring a piece of the rain forest to their rooms with the mini lucky bamboo plant. Its long stalks allegedly bring good luck and fortune but it is important to know that having a four-stalk arrangement is considered bad luck in Chinese culture. The preferred three-stalk arrangement represents happiness, long-life and wealth.

Asparagus fern

Nothing to do with the vegetable this plant will add a dash of vibrant colour to any shelf or table due its bright green foliage. If possible, it’s recommended to leave some space either side of the small plant so its leaves can sprawl out and decorate the surface it’s on.


With an almost cult following the cactus is a favourite among many millennials. There are a wide range available but one of the most popular is a mini barrel cactus. The prickly plant is a great way to liven up a plain window sill for a relatively cheap price.

A spokesperson from said: “Plants have always been in fashion but thanks to Instagram they are cooler than ever before with the under 25s.

“The humble house plant is proving to be very popular among millennials and a big part of that is down to the growth of social media accounts and online blogs. It is great to see the technology bringing younger people closer to mother nature.

“Staying in rented accommodation can often feel a bit bleak and with restrictions on what can be decorated it is hard to make places feel homely.

“This is why mini house plants are so handy as they can brighten up even the gloomiest rooms with a splash of colour for a relatively cheap price.”