How to introduce trendy velvet in to your home..

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Velvet is big news in 2019. Its versatile texture and look is sure to bring a rich finish to any setting, and here's how you can introduce it into the home?

You can start off small...lamp shades, cushions and poufs are very on-trend, and can transform a room regardless of the season. They are an easy way to embrace the look.

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For a bigger statement sure to turn heads, go bold with velvet furniture.

Rebecca Snowden, interior style advisor at Furniture Choice, said: “Velvet sofas and armchairs will make a major impact in the living room, especially if they are rich jewel tones.

“These showstoppers lend a glamorous look to the home and invite conversation, while anchoring the entire space.

"A classic velvet Chesterfield can offer an unexpected twist in deep blue; while modern, minimal rooms also allow for greater experimentation with colours such as wine and maroon.”

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The dining area and the bedroom are both perfect spaces to introduce velvet too.

“Velvet dining chairs in any shade can easily jazz up a modern or classic dining space. Not only do they add charm, but they are also more comfortable over long meals,” says Rebecca.

“Drawing in the eye, a velvet bed frame is a perfect addition to the bedroom. Its soft, comforting finish turns up the cosy factor, giving the room a warm, relaxed ambience.”

With such a bold trend, it can be difficult to know how to pair with other styles in the home, but you can mix velvet with other textures and embrace it alongside other trends such as soft pastels, botanical and regal tones.

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Rebecca added: “Incorporating the fabric into the home with smaller pieces is a great way to begin, as pairing velvet works well alongside a mix of different finishes and details. Velvet’s soft, inviting look blends beautifully with brass and bronze, adding depth, drama and sophistication.

"It also complements other fabrics like faux fur and knits, making it great for layering up during the colder months."

The great thing about velvet is that it works in just about any shade. From deep navy to jewel yellow or even pastel pink.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your velvet furniture and furnishings, go bold with your colours and tone down the surrounding space with soft, neutral shades to really let the velvet pop.

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Alternatively, if you favour a bold wall such as navy or forest green, why not pair with a pastel shade of velvet sofa or armchair?

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