How to make the perfect pancake

How to make the perfect pancakeHow to make the perfect pancake
How to make the perfect pancake
Whatever topping you prefer to slather them in or even if you just prefer them plain, the perfect pancake can sometimes be tricky to get right.

Luckily, Donegal chef Brian McDermott has shared an “easy and scrumptious” recipe that will ensure whatever you dish up this Pancake Tuesday is more fluffy than frightening.

Brian says that making pancakes is a great way to get everyone into the kitchen and involved in making food that is ideal for sharing.

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He adds: “This simple and delicious recipe can be rustled up in no time and the great thing about pancakes is that they are a great sharing food. So pile them high, pass out the plates and enjoy.”

Brian’s recipe is sure to be a hit with all the family. Go on, get flipping.


200g Plain Flour

2 Eggs

300ml Milk

25g Melted Butter

15g Sugar

1 Lemon

100g Honey

Pinch Nutmeg

Drizzle Rapeseed Oil


Sieve the flour into a bowl, add the sugar and make a well in the centre. Beat the eggs and milk together and gradually add to the flour.

Whisk to form a batter consistency and add the melted butter.

Transfer to a pouring jug and set in the fridge.

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In a non-stick pan add little rapeseed oil on a medium heat and pour the mix into the centre of the pan and allow the batter to naturally form.

Cook on either side to create a golden light pancake.

Drizzle with honey and fresh lemon juice.

Brian said while this is how he likes his pancakes finished, feel free to add your own favourite toppings.

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