In the Saddle: Derbyshire County Show fun

Well, as you can imagine it has been another crazy fortnight at our house with the preparations underway for my first county show with my spotty yearling, Sully.

There's been a lot of groundwork practice leading up to this but no matter how foot perfect he goes at home you can't recreate the atmosphere at a show, especially such a big one.

We've been leading up from smaller local shows to prepare my yearling for this. This year I've taught him to load in a trailer, travel, bath, plait and trot up (OK, the trotting up definitely requires work still) so he's really doing well.

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My husband and little girl wanted a break from competing so I went with my friend Claire in her gorgeous lorry. Sully hadn't ever loaded in a lorry and due to my twisty drive, we were going to have to load him out on the road. He'd never set foot on the road either - so it was all big stuff for a little lad to think about.

I needn't have worried. In typical Sully fashion he walked straight on and tucked into his haylage. I was thrilled. He traveled like a professional and was not phased by the nearly two hour trip. He even stood on the lorry whilst we went to find the ring.

I must admit in Claire's lorry I felt like a celebrity - it was beautiful and had a lounge, TV, kitchen and shower room.

Then when I got to the ring I was recognised by a few people from the British Appaloosa society which was great fun to catch up with like-minded fans of the breed.

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As soon as we got into the ring, Sully fired up. He's no dope on a rope and was leaping about. I think he walked on two legs a few times but I'm getting very talented at holding onto him these days. He's a lively baby that's for sure.

We were placed third in the spotted class and I was very pleased. I might frame it! I love my spotty horse.